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#1 Maori Style Sleeve Tattoo

Maori style tattoos can be used as an alternative to tribal black and white art. It includes the usage of various plants and colours and looks really bright and colourful. It would be a good choice for daring girls who like unusual style that will make them look unbelievable. According to the belief of Maori, such tattoos are supposed to grant the benevolence from gods and divine luck.

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#2 Vine with Butterfly

A tattoo on the upper part of a chest is something that is always in trend. With a properly selected composition, it becomes an amazing romantic, inspiring tattoo. The vines and a butterfly with stars is just of the right option to present a loveliness and cuteness on one’s flesh. The best thing about this tattoo is the simplicity with which it was done.

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#3 Deus ex Machine

This is a fantastic tattoo that seems to have been taken from a totally different dimension. The movement of steampunk is quite popular nowadays and there are many options to demonstrate your passion to this style in public. The designer managed to create a realistic tattoo that seems as real bones. This is not a woman but an android that has put on the skin of a woman to gather information.

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#4 Rose Tattoo

The roses which are growing from the back of yours would be a fine decoration to your design, especially in combination with some open back dress. The roses are excellent symbols of beauty which will emphasise the gracefulness of your body shapes and make you look totally unforgettable. Roses are a truly win option for any type of body art.

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#5 Blooming Garden

This tattoo option is a magnificent design of a real garden that will be always depicted on the hand of yours. It includes a variety of flowers of different sizes and colours and the designer didn’t forget to add to the tattoo some local dwellers like butterflies which are like bright accent spots on this amazing woman sleeve tattoo. Try to make a similar one if you are crazy about flowers.

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#6 Painted Sleeves

The sleeves tattoos are one of the most daring steps that a lady can undertake while performing a tattoo procedure. Addition of one tattoo is quite easy and simple but creating two full hand sleeves is quite a patience taking procedure. With a lovely composition it becomes an excellent part of your look that will be definitely hard to forget due to outburst of colours that it will produce.

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#7 Praying Holy Maiden

Maid Maria is the symbol of all feminine traits which exist in every woman. This is often called a feminine side of divine. Woman is a life giver and caretaker of the children. She is the one that helps the husband no matter what and is the second equal half of the man. The addition of such a tattoo on one’s body means accepting oneself as a mother, a wife, a sister and any other woman role.

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#8 Side Black Rose

The roses are most often associated with the beauty symbol. They definitely look like some sort of royalty in the world of flowers. Black roses are the noblest representatives of the family of roses – like the emperors and the empresses of the rose family. Adding them to the black tattoo will surely make your look stunningly amazing and attractive, like a real princess.

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#9 Wonder Woman is Here

With the appearance of the “Wonder Woman” movie people saw a stunning image of a powerful woman that is not afraid to overcome difficulties. She is an excellent example for modern women. She has equally amazing look and capable of dealing with various problems. At the same time she has got a gentle fragile side that is characteristic of all women in the world regardless if they are superheroes or not.

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#10 Lovely Wings

Shoulder blades are the place where angels are supposed to have wings. Why shouldn’t you get a pair of lovely inspiring wings on the back of your own and demonstrate you angelic character to all the people around you? That is definitely worth to spend some time in the tattoo salon to acquire a stylish feathered accessory that will always be on your back.

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#11 Hearty Vines

Hearts are the most loved figures for drawing for many girls. Since early school girls are often presented various items with a heart image on them. When the girls grow older the love to hearts becomes their habit and part of their social entity. In this simply designed tattoo we have got a very attractive option of vines which pretty hearts grow presenting love to every person.

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#12 Paradise Bird

This is not just a simple bird that is used for the design of a tattoo. This is a special magical being that is capable of making the wishes come true. The paradise bird is often depicted with all colours of rainbow and is truly an awesome option for body tattoos. If you feel like adding some unusual drawings to your body, get this amazing magical tattoo to make your dreams come true.

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#13 Bright Coloured

Asian girls are crazy about anime and many of them like drawing their favourite characters on their bodies. You see, in the cartoon the lady characters are the hyperbolized symbols of the qualities what Asian women want to have in real life. Drawing a favourite character on flesh is said to bring the qualities of the animated persona to the real one.

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#14 Skull and Flowers

This tattoo which combines flowers and a skull is quite a popular combination that carries no grim sense at all. It is used to unite two opposites in one single person and make the person to accept oneself as granted. Fighting with yourself is something that causes inner chaos and destruction, while self-acceptance is something that brings inner peace and balance to one’s spirit.

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#15 Tribal Ornament

The ornament of plants performed in tribal style would be an excellent acquisition for any lady. The plants that are used in the tribal style are the manifestation of femininity and fertility. By placing such a tattoo onto the body you demonstrate your tender and loving nature to the whole world. There are no sharp lines, only smooth and swift curves which are natural for a fair sex.

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#16 Life and Death

Beneath every light there is a shade. Behind every veil there is something hidden. This tattoo demonstrates us how fragile is the balance. One moment it can be lovely geisha that is holding a fan to hide shyly her face from you, but behind the veil you can see a mask of death. This is an eternal Yin and Yang of the universe – the balance that makes our world real.

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#17 Rose Flowers

The origin of rose symbol dates many years before Christ though it is strongly associated with Maid Maria, the mother of Jesus. Roses symbolize purity and virginity of mind and spirit. It is the most recognized symbol of beauty. Here you can see a tattoo with a whole sleeve of roses on one hand. It looks really gorgeous and regardless of the casual design, it would match the cocktail dress pretty well.

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#18 Human Faced Butterfly

The butterfly can have a human face and it looks like some sort of a grotesque work of art. The butterfly seems starring at you with its eyes on the back. There are almost all rainbow colours in this image. This is quite a mysterious tattoo to make on one’s body and you will definitely like to have a similar one on your body as well as people around.

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#19 Cartoon Style Art

For some reason many girls are crazy about the “Nightmare before Christmas”. Ladies are probably charmed by the lovely song and grim romanticism and charisma which are emitted by Jack Skellington. This is a body art for a real fan of this cartoon universe that demonstrates a love couple of main characters and some of the places from the dark musical.

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#20 Love Inspired Motive

Words can be different and they can be depicted in various styles. Wording “love” is a very girlish tattoo that is most often preferred by teenagers and young women. Just take a look at this nice design. The first and the last letter of the word are united together for a lovely heart that symbolizes the word that is written on the back of the owner. Love is a great power.

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#21 Pirate Style

The skull with a tied mouth is definitely inspired by the latest Pirates movie. The dead men definitely keep silence and don’t tell any tales. This is a bright colourful tattoo that will be suitable for any brave lady that is not afraid of anything, even of a long work of a tattoo needle that has created this incredible art. Go for this pirate style tattoo, if you feel a kindred spirit in legendary bandits.

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#22 Dragonfly Road

The spine is located very close to the upper layer of skin. That is why making of the tattoos on the spine is quite a painful procedure. If you made up your mind and decided to add a tattoo to the spine of yours, consider this variant with dragonflies. Although it might seem a very simple tattoo, but when finished it will become a very elegant accessory of your unforgettable style.

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#23 Flower Fairy

Pixies are tricky little devils. They can play with you for a long time and then lead you to some sort of a trap. There are many connotations connected with these beings. However, the tattoo with a pixie on a back will demonstrate you as a playful and joyful person on one hand and as a light-minded and irresponsible personality on another hand. You need to choose what type of a fairy you are.

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#24 Heart of a Tree

This awesome tattoo of a blooming tree will become a stunning decoration of any back. The tree is like the dreams of the person. All our desires are fed upon the strengths of our hearts. As long as we wish for something the tree will bloom and grant you the flowers of realized wishes. The moment when desire leaves the heart it will fall down from the tree like an autumn leaf.

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#25 Tribal Variants for a Lady

Tribal is a special language of tattoos which seem to reflect the inner world of the wearers of such tattoos. This is a set of schematic symbols which seem to demonstrate us the archetypes that were gathered through the history of humankind existence. There is an endless amount of symbolic tattoos which can be used for describing you as a personality or which can serve as a lucky charm for luring necessary qualities.

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#26 The Bow of Thorns

This is a very detailed body art that shows us the bow that has hit the target. The design of the bow us made of the rose branches that are decorated with sharp thorns. It means that life is a thorny thing and every time you will be going to take a shot from the bow of life, your hands will be stung with the spikes but eventually you will aim your goal of life.

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#27 Here Comes the Spider

Some of the women are like real predators. They hunt men and use them for their own benefit. Such women are quite dangerous and they have got a very similar representative in the world of animals. We all know what black widow spiders do with their fiancés. If you consider yourself a dangerous type of a woman, you can show people around that nobody should mess with you by demonstrating this dark tattoo.

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#28 Tribal Bird

The bird is a symbol of freedom. Many people depict it in various ways and designs. Some prefer owls, some swallows or eagles but a bird remains a bird. This is a powerful archetype of spirit that is released from chains of routine and can reach to the stars in the sky. Tribal tattoo is a special language which does not draw any species of animals but crafts their images that seems to be imprinted into the soul of the wearer.

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#29 Maori Sparkle Butterfly

The tribal art is truly amazing. One can look at smooth shapes of black and white and see amazing creatures which seem to become alive at the look of the gazer. This butterfly is like some hypnotizing image that catches the sight and won’t let it go. The art wouldn’t be complete if the designer didn’t decide to add some lovely gems to make the tattoo spark with magical stones.

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#30 Natural Ornament

The abstract art is the best art among all. It implies the usage of special technique which does not provide a perfect image but a hinting sketch which involves further imagination of the lookers. Mother Nature helps us to create wonderful images that are supposed to amaze all people around with ornament of unseen beauty and it is very easy to achieve a uniqueness with the help of abstract art.

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#31 Butterfly Vines

The natural design looks always amazing. It is a universal means of self-expression and it shows that a human is still a part of a surrounding nature no matter what. In this peculiar case we have got a golden vine that decorated the shoulder of a woman and it would look empty if the designer has omitted the butterflies which look like some sort of Christmas toys on a garland.

women tattoos photo - 31

#32 Devil Style

No sexy tattoo would be completed without a devilish intrusion. Horned red devil makes everything look more provocative and seducing. Even the heart that has been accomplished with horns and spiked tail transforms from something divine and magical into playful image that causes some special type of thoughts. That would be a nice option for some bold girls that like toying around with men.

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#33 Face among the Flowers

Portraits of faces on tattoos are also popular variants for placing onto one’s body. They are very suggestive ones as people will start to think who the person on the tattoo is. In this case we have got some lady that is framed with flowers and has got a non-human make up. That probably can be some sort of dryad that is hiding from people in the flowers.

women tattoos photo - 33

#34 Arabian Nights

It is hard to imagine tattoos without eastern motive. This body art depict us an image of a mysterious woman that seems to hypnotize us with her eyes. The design is made specifically in black and white as the colours in this composition would be totally unneeded. The realism of this picture astonishes and surprises more than any colourful picture. It’s a real 3d art masterpiece.

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#35 Lady of Butterflies

Butterflies are always unusual solutions for a tattoo design. People can draw various types of butterflies on any part of their bodies. It can be a lovely meaningful attribute of your daily look. If you want to make your butterfly tattoo totally unusual and unique, consider drawing some sort of an art by means of a variety of butterflies like a portrait of a mystical woman on this shoulder.

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#36 Sea Horse Tattoo

The water themed tattoos are the images that are inspired with the most mysterious place on our planet – the world ocean. It is the most unexplored territory on Earth and every year hundreds of new discoveries are made. In this case we have got a lovely tattoo with pretty sea horse that is sleeping on a shoulder of a lady. This is a truly mysterious being as it has got some similarity to a magical dragon from the past.

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#37 Nature of Tribe

A sleeve design is something that looks truly amazing and attractive. There are various options with which you can transform your body into the canvas with a masterpiece of art. The tribal art in this case is definitely a winning choice as it reflects the strength of a spirit: not a simple but a primal one that is programmed on a genetical level and passed from one generation to another – desire to live and be victorious.

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#38 Soul in a Primal Cage

The blue butterfly is a popular symbol of a human soul. It is so weightless and easy to break. This tattoo introduces us another element of a tattoo – a tribal pattern that seems to be embracing the blue butterfly. Certainly it has got a meaning – it shows that all of us have got a shadow primal entity that dwells inside and corrupts our souls.

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#39 Name of the Star

Star design is something that shouldn’t be ignored by a woman of any age. This is a popular option for decorating one’s body in some fanciful way. The accompaniment with vine style ornament and a name create a lovely composition that will make the wearer really happy. Stars are always a joyful design that is supposed to rise the spirit of the wearer and encourage for deeds.

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#40 Flying Phoenix

The phoenix is a must have tattoo option for a beautiful girl. This mythological bird is a symbol of strength and rebirth. It depicts the immortality of fighting spirit of a human being. If you are defeated, it means that you are burned down to ashes. Be like a fire bird that is capable of rising up from nothingness even stronger than before, till you acquire the victory.

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#41 Don’t Let it Go

A girl that is letting the balloon go and the signature below are truly meaningful and inspiring. There is such a red balloon in the life of any person and one should never let it got as there is always something to cling to and anticipate. Catch this opportunity and never surrender as the fate always presents us something that we need at precise moment of life.

women tattoos photo - 41
#42 Provocative Theme

Just come and take me! That is a funny provocative body art that is designed in a slightly caricature way. We’ve got a Viking bearded guy that has caught a Native American girl. Regardless of the design it can be a surprising informative tattoo. You can see here the information that Vikings were the first people to settle down on the American continent long before the Spaniards.

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#43 Memorable Rose

Roses are definitely among the best ideas of woman tattoos for ladies of various ages. Regarding of age – there is an excellent way to commemorate some important date on the body of the wearer. Black rose is something of a great importance and it is imposing respect to everyone who sees it. The roman numbers are also good looking when it comes to designing of a date.

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#44 Death Style

The list of amazing female tattoos wouldn’t be full without a stunning Santa Muerta – the divine spirit that is in charge of death. Mexican people prefer describing it as a pretty lady instead of something scary because when death is not feared off and accepted as something natural it becomes your loyal friend that follows you and supports you with happy life till the very end when she grants you a final friendly kiss.

women tattoos photo - 44

#45 The Everlasting Blossom

Here’s a tattoo that depicts several stages of body art drawing. This is a tree that is slowly blooming on the skin of the wear. As per photos we can see an amazing change from a bare tree that transforms into a blooming cherry tree. This is a very feminine tattoo that tells us that a woman is constantly developing both spiritually and physically in order to bloom one day like a beautiful tree.

women tattoos photo - 45

#46 Meaningful Symbols

Yes, there are many tattoos here and one might think that this is a total chaos of various symbols and meanings. However, there is one thing that unites these seemingly different tattoos. All of them are the symbols of alchemy art. It looks as if the person decided to transform the body into some sort of a philosopher’s stone and bring the body to divine perfection.

women tattoos photo - 46

#47 Dream Catching Hands

Everybody knows about a dream catcher device that is supposed to catch the nightmares and ward off evil spirits. This is a nice interpretation of Native American device that was transferred to the body of a woman. With this tattoo she will be able to grasp bad dreams with hands and tear them into pieces. This is a truly amazing design that is both awesome looking and has got a deep mystical sense.

women tattoos photo - 47

#48 Coloured Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of something weightless and eternal. The life is like a blink of an eyelid. Within a few seconds you experience hundreds of dark and light periods and the same goes with the flapping of the wings of a butterfly. They move very fast, fly from one place to another, but every second can be their last one as their lives are too short and they must hurry to enjoy it to the fullest.

women tattoos photo - 48

#49 The Mighty Dragon

The dragon tattoos are excellent options not only for men but also for women. As per historical records the dragon tattoos were a frequent attribute of geisha look. They had luxurious full back art with a mighty beast that was supposed to mesmerize the males which had a glimpse of look at the back of a beautiful lady. This had to grant the support to the wearer of the tattoo from the divine beast.

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