Wizard tattoos

#1 I’ve Got a Crystal Ball

At this piece of art you can see a classic image of a typical black mage in a cone hat. He’s got a traditional beard and a special crystal ball with some magical symbols on it. It seems that the wizard is already chanting as there are several stars that are slowly rising above the ball. The size of the tattoo is enough for placing it on the shoulder blade. It would look really cool.

wizard tattoos photo - 1

#2 Walking through the Dungeon

This is a magician in full magical equipment that consists of a robe, a hat, a staff and a crystal ball. There are also the bags with some power amplifying potions that might be needed during a hard quest. It can be seen from the art that the sorcerer is in some dark place as he had to use his power to kindle the light that will cast away all evil beings underground.

wizard tattoos photo - 2

#3 Ancient Druid

There is a special group of wizards that used to worship the nature and they knew the rules of the animal kingdom. The enchanter on the picture is of this type of magicians. This is an art of an ancient druid who used to inhabit the forests and communicate with all living things there. There is a traditional magic pole with the roots that show the bond between the wizard and the surrounding world.

wizard tattoos photo - 3

#4 The Evil Necromancer

The wizards who deal with the death spells are often called the necromancers. They are capable of reviving and manipulating the souls of the dead. They are said to control the skeletons and powerful infernal demons. Here we can see a typical necromancer who has got several attributes of a wizard of death: a staff with a skull and hat with a grim reaper on it. That is really a scary sorcerer to see.

wizard tattoos photo - 4

#5 Gandalf the White

It is hard to find a person who hasn’t read the book, watched a movie or played a video game about the war of the ring that was told in “The Lord of the Rings” epopee. Among plenty of heroic characters from the book, one of the most noticeable ones was considered Gandalf the Grey who transformed into a mighty White wizard that was capable to withstand the legions of orcs all by himself.

wizard tattoos photo - 5

#6 An Evil Sorcerer in a Lonely Castle

This is a sample of a stylish tattoo with a wise wizard that is dressed in purple garments. The mage is a type of a hermit who lives in some dark castle on the hill that is enshrouded with dark clouds looking very gloomy. However, this is a fine option for a tattoo with a wizard due to fine colors with which it was created.

wizard tattoos photo - 6

#7 I’ll Get What I Need

Among a variety of tattoo options this minimalistic tattoo will become a fine acquisition for a person who is passionate about body art. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. The tattoo artist managed to play with the shades in masterly fashion using black ink only. The wizard himself looks rather grimly. The cracks, empty eyes and the hand stretched to get something he needs prove it.

wizard tattoos photo - 7

#8 I’ve Got a Spell for You

This stylish wizard is preparing a magical gift for you! He is holding a special crystal sphere with an enchanted glyph on the surface that was created for some purpose. There are already some stars coming out of the ball meaning that the magic is already in progress and is ready for breaking out in a flash of sparks. The classic image of a mage is really attractive for most users.

wizard tattoos photo - 8

#9 The Red Mage Is Here

Red mages are well-known universal magic users. They are capable of apprehending and utilizing the art of black and white magic together with martial arts. This mage tattoo would decorate any muscular hand of a person who is crazy about unusual bright tattoos and still has plenty of spot on his body to add new masterpieces of art that will amuse people around.

wizard tattoos photo - 9

#10 Come over Here

This angry faced old man is definitely stretching his long sticky fingers to grasp something very important. Pay attention to the mimics of the mage. The bushy brows add some evil look in combination with a messy beard add evil look to this warlock. So if you are passionate about mage tattoos, check this designer solution as a sample for creating a personally designed tattoo.

wizard tattoos photo - 10

#11 The Magic Is Almost Ready

The tattoo shows us a mage at work. He’s holding a magic wand that is beaming with light. Although the tattoo was made in a very detailed manner, the drawing was created by means of a very simple sketch technique that doesn’t involve a lot of work but creates a marvelous effect that won’t stay unnoticed.

wizard tattoos photo - 11

#12 1001 Arabian Night Style

There is definitely something eastern in this wizard. He looks like some sort of a wiser from the story about the Aladdin and his magic lamp. This is a mage that throwing the stars all around him making the magic real. This fellow should have a story of his own in the universe of the Arabian Nights and a place on your wrist.

wizard tattoos photo - 12

#13 Defending the Minas Tirith

The battle for Minas Tirith was the largest battle in the “The Lord of the Rings” story that was written by J. R. Tolkien. It was the decisive combat between the powers of light and darkness. Here is the tattoo with Gandalf the White who stood on the top of the army of the white city. He became a symbol of hope for people under the siege who were waiting for the return of the king.

wizard tattoos photo - 13

#14 The Ruler of Nature

This shoulder tattoo demonstrates us a wizard that has mastered all the secrets of the nature. Even an overall look of the honorable old man resembles a look of some century year old tree. The staff that he is holding is made in a fashion of a blooming tree. This is a definitely a superb tattoo for wearing and it will decorate any person’s arm.

wizard tattoos photo - 14

#15 Still Thinking of the Future

Here is an image of sage who is overfilled with age and experience. He’s holding a pipe and smoking something while having a rest. And if you look closer at the picture, you will notice that the brows are slightly frowned as if he’s thinking about something. The designer managed to create a superb design of a real fantasy wizard who is represented by a wise old man.

wizard tattoos photo - 15

#16 A Powerful Summoner

There are many types of magic that can be applied by wizards and among them there is a capability to summon a variety of useful beings that will become loyal servants of such wizard. This type of mages is called summoner and it has just brought a tiny wyvern to the world and will use it as the pet. The being is cute while it’s tiny, but later on it will grow so that it would be possible to fly on it.

wizard tattoos photo - 16

#17 Cursing Mage

This wizard is definitely obsessed with something terrible. The eyes are blank and he’s holding a pole with a skull the top of which was cut off and a black crystal now crowns it. He was frozen in a shape of a tattoo on the skin of wearer. It seems he was preparing some curse but was successfully stopped from doing it and placed into the cage of ink and flesh.

wizard tattoos photo - 17

#18 The Darkness Reigns

Looking at this mage may cause nothing but goose bumps. This wizard is experienced definitely not in the arts of light. The master of mysticism is ready for cursing anyone who is standing on his way. This creepy magician would look terrifyingly great on the wrist of yours and other people will be surprised when they notice your stylish tattoo.

wizard tattoos photo - 18

#19 Peaceful Smoking of the Pipe

Here we have got a stylish picture of a warlock who decided to take a peaceful break and started to smoke a pipe. The wizard is a typical witcher with a long, white as a snow, beard, traditional coned hat and wise piercing eyes. That is a perfect image option for those people who are searching for a simple atmospheric magic fantasy art.

wizard tattoos photo - 19

#20 No Worries I’m Writing

There is some sort of a writer mage who is sitting in a dark room working on the creation of some grimoire with magical spells. Just imagine that you are this magic book where the wizard is writing his incantations and you will surely believe in the coolness of this body art. And once again a fine story that is told by a tattoo wins attention of people around.

wizard tattoos photo - 20

#21 Cinematic Quality Tattoo

As you might have guessed, this is a picture of Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings”. This is a special type of a tattoo paint that is called indigo. It has got a special bluish shade that is perfect for drawing outlines that adds a special 3d effect. You can see that the image has a real high definition that offers a great quantity of details which will look awesome on the back.

wizard tattoos photo - 21

#22 The World in the Hands

At this piece of art we can see a definitely dark sorcerer who is involved into serious mystic arts. He seems to be practicing dark planetary magic and is holding a special sphere with the planets that are in a constant movement. Don’t let the caricature style of drawing fool you – this is a really powerful mage who can control celestial bodies with only a single hand.

wizard tattoos photo - 22

#23 Mage Fighting the Beast

Here is a mage warrior who is ravaging a battle against a terrible scaled beast that tries to assassinate the wizard with razor sharp claws. The beast is lying on the back almost defeated and the magician is already standing above it casting a final devastating spell to eliminate the monster. The tattoo is really great as it tells us an excellent story in a very detailed manner.

wizard tattoos photo - 23

#24 In the Shadow of Oblivion

This wizard is definitely up to no good. The face beneath the hood is almost invisible and it seems as if the beard is coming out from nothingness. The book that he is reading is undoubtedly a book of some dark spells that are breaking the very fabrics of space. Just pay attention to the dark aura that is surrounding the wizard – it is slowly turning darker and darker.

wizard tattoos photo - 24



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