Warrior tattoos

#1 Templar Knight

The Templar knights are among the most recognizable historical characters. They are best known for their crusades in the East where they fought in the region of the God’s tomb. They took part in various battles against the unfaithful ones and propagated the Christianity to the local people. This tattoo depicts the brave warrior who is holding the banner of the holy legion and ravaging the battle against the hordes of enemies.

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#2 The Brave Spartan

Warriors are depicted in various manners. Throughout the whole history of the humanity the warriors appeared in various forms and incarnations. Each of them is definitely worth of exaltation and respect. The warrior is a real archetype of a strong man and in this aspect Spartan is among those warrior types who are considered the bravest ones and describe a man in the best light.

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#3 The Mongolian Lady Warrior

The hordes of Genghis Khan almost managed to conquer the whole ancient world but, fortunately, they were stopped. The army of the lord of numerous warriors included both men and women. Women were as bold and daring as the male warriors. In this art you can see a warrior lady that is holding an unusual sword with double blade that helps to perform a special dance – dance of death.

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#4 Unsurpassable Commander

The history of Chinese people includes both ups and downs. There were periods when the territory of modern China was cut into huge amount of small kingdoms and they were fighting against each other. In the epoch of Three Kingdoms there was one general whose name was Liu Bei. He made a promise to his people that he will unite China and bring it to glory. He really managed to do this.

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#5 Royal Defender

Just take a look at this knight in a full set of armour. The main symbol of every knight is not a warrior symbol but a defender archetype that demonstrates a powerful shield that will stand on the way of obstacles and protect you from all the evil in the world. This is a good tattoo for a brave man who has got someone to protect and takes care of his beloved ones.

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#6 The Dark Mongol

The Army of Mongols used to be undefeatable. They spread along the continent like a black cloud slaughtering and plundering everything on their way. People were afraid of them and often associated these warriors with the dark legions of hell due to their monstrous appearance. They resembled dark demons on black horses and dressed in furs that looked like their own hair.

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#7 Brave Samurai

The samurai warriors are excellent options for body art at any place. In this aspect the sleeve with a samurai would be a nice option that will look really amazing. With addition of some hieroglyphs this art can acquire deep sense meaning. If you are passionate about Asian culture, such a picture will definitely assist you in adding some scent of sakura to your look.

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#8 The Warriors of the Russ

Here is a fine back tattoo that depicts the warrior of Kiev Russ that is embracing his beloved one before going to the war. The warriors have got specific helmets with wings and were often called the falcons due to their bravery to oppose the enemies of a greater number. This warrior is not just a sword wielder, he is holding a special wooden cane so he may possibly be a sage who used to support the army with healing magic.

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#9 Mystic Geisha

One might think why geisha is in the tattoo section with warriors and that would be definitely a great mistake. Japanese geishas used to be as skilful warriors as men, but of totally different calibre. They used to be trained as professional assassins and spies. They were taught a secret art of murdering, oratory art, seducing skill, and musical instrument play – everything that can help to manipulate people.

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#10 Warrior Michael

Archangels are the most powerful beings in the army of God. The first angel that comes to one’s mind is the archangel Michael who is often depicted on the male’s shoulders. This is a general of the angelic legions and carries the sword of justice in his right hand and the shield of divine protection in the left one that can scare off the infernal creatures. Michael is a loyal guardian-angel of all people.

warrior tattoos photo - 10

#11 This is Sparta

The Spartans are considered the greatest Greek warriors of all times. They used to train their kids in the harshest possible ways. They were known for their cult of strength and beauty and were truly fearsome opponents in battle. This tattoo with a Spartan helmet and spear with blood stains reminds us about a legendary battle of Thermopylae with 300 Spartans.

warrior tattoos photo - 11

#12 Aztec Warrior

The history of humankind can boast with a variety of different warriors who represent the cultural heritage in each nation. In this aspect the Aztecs have got extremely powerful warriors. They were dressed according to the religious tradition of their nation. This warrior is dressed in the costume of the winged snake to which the Aztecs brought the sacrifices in order to worship him.

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#13 The Great Eagle

The eagle is said to be the spiritual animal of all the descendants of Mayan tribe. This animal is said to carry the souls of the fallen warriors to the other world and assist in spiritual protection. The warriors believed that while wearing the suit of an eagle during the battle they had a greater chance to survive. If you consider eagles your spiritual animal, go and get this design.

warrior tattoos photo - 13

#14 The Minos Warrior

This is a typical Greek warrior that is often depicted on various engravings and amphorae. Greece consisted out of various kingdoms which used to fight against each other. Among them there was a popular kingdom of king Minos. He was very rich but, unfortunately, his child was cursed and was born with the head of bull, named Minotaur. This is the art of one of the soldiers who defend the entrance to the labyrinth where he was imprisoned.

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#15 The Great Cuchulain

Cuchulain is one of the greatest Celtic epic heroes. He is the representative of an archetype of an unsurpassable hero that is present in various mythologies, like Siegfried in German mythology, Sigurd in Scandinavian epos, Achilles in Greek history, Gilgamesh in Mesopotamian scriptures and Soon Wookong in Chinese legends. All of them are real male heroes who protected other people.

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#16 The Shogun in Battle

The shoguns were a top ranked samurais and they can be considered with warrior landlords in Japan. They used to live in personal castles and were granted special armour that represented the power of the emperor over them. Each time the lord summoned his shoguns they were supposed to come and assist him no matter what. That was the Code of the Samurai.

warrior tattoos photo - 16

#17 Ghost Commander

The pirates are not just the thieves but also brave warriors whose battlefield was the endless blue of the seas. This tattoo demonstrates us a fearsome sea wolf and his loyal ocean stallion. At a closer look we will be able to see that this is a ghost ship and the captain is half transparent so the bones of the skull are visible. This is a ghost admiral of the phantom fleet that is constantly engaged in combat.

warrior tattoos photo - 17

#18 Bringing Faith

The warrior Templars were sent all over the world to bring Christian faith to the unbelievers. Some of the knights were not only sword wielding fighters but also philosophers who were well-versed in the questions of religion. They always carried the banner of cross and their swords resembled giant crosses which were supposed to bring justice to the places where it was absent.

warrior tattoos photo - 18

#19 Mayan Warrior

This feather warrior of Maya Tribe can be not only a weapon wielding battler but also a magician that is able to perform various rituals and even bless other people on battles. That is why their garment looks so special and it will definitely have a magical effect and gods will be able to notice him in the crowd and respond to his mystic incantations.

warrior tattoos photo - 19

#20 The Great Wolf

The Scandinavian warriors were famous heroes who fought in honour of Odin who was the head of the Norwegian Pantheon of gods. All of Viking representatives were big men with horny helmets. They wore special braids with each of them added after surviving the battle. This hero took part in numerous fights and now he can fearlessly look into the eyes of Hella, goddess of death.

warrior tattoos photo - 20

#21 The Perfect Body

Greece was the place that gave birth to the sculpture style of classicism. It popularized the human body’s perfection in both physical and spiritual ways. This warrior tattoo definitely reflects that idea. Just take a look at the muscles of hands, graceful pose and that abs. This male is definitely an object of passion for many women. Having this tattoo is like having a work of art on one’s body.

warrior tattoos photo - 21

#22 Muslim Warrior

Here we have a Muslim warrior that is dressed in the robe of a dessert walker. The characteristic beard and scimitar blade make him a fine representative of fighter for Islam. Although this faith doesn’t stand for violence, it is said that every man should be ready to protect the faith in Allah and the prophet Mohammed. The demonstration of such a tattoo is a good idea for a strong believer of Koran.

warrior tattoos photo - 22

#23 The Crusader Knight

The history of crusades and crusaders is often taught at the lessons of world history. One of the most prominent crusaders was the famous king Richard Lion’s heart. He travelled to the African continent to fight for the coffin of god and battle back Jerusalem that is said to be the cradle of Christianity. This lord is depicted with three crosses on the background which seem to symbolize the holy Trinity that will protect the righteous knight on his way.

warrior tattoos photo - 23

#24 Lonely Dragon

The Katana wielding warriors are often associated with dragons as they seemed to have possessed the same strength and speed and were able to deal with the enemy with a single blow. That is why samurais often depicted the image of a dragon either on their armour or on the Tsuba of the blade. They strongly believed that this will grant them the benevolence of Seiryu, the lord of dragons.

warrior tattoos photo - 24

#25 The Fighting Valkyrie

There are many images of female warriors which are as effective on the battlefield as the males are. In the Scandinavian mythology there was an army of divine goddesses which served Odin, the father god, they took part in every battle and they had a very special purpose. They took the souls of the bravest warriors and took them to Valhalla – a special paradise for the greatest heroes, who were allowed to sit at one table with gods.

warrior tattoos photo - 25

#26 Ravaging Berserker

Here is another famous raging character from the Norse mythology. The name of this femme fatale in the skin of a wolf is the berserker. There was an elite squad of special troopers that were said to have mystical powers. They were fearless in battle and were able to fight even with their limbs broken. Some said that they were capable to transform into an animal whose skin they were wearing.

warrior tattoos photo - 26

#27 The Dragon’s Bane

The stories about the dragons are present in various historical legends. This image goes back to the history of humankind and retells us the story of the seducer snake and the original sin. The man who fights the dragon is an Adam who repents the sin and tries to bring the life back to the time before the fall. The dragon is often depicted as giant being that is a truly formidable foe.

warrior tattoos photo - 27

#28 The Samurai from the Mist

The samurais are said to be one of the deadliest warriors of all times. They had unique armour that consisted of special ceramic plates that were capable to deal with the bullet strikes. The reaction of the katana masters was so fast that they could cut the arrow that was flying into them. The greatest thing they were respected for was their code of honour, Bushido, that is known all over the world.

warrior tattoos photo - 28

#29 The Assassin Angel

The video game the Assassin’s creed has presented a new type of hero – a killer who fights for right and truth. At this fine art we have got the hero from the game with wings and a halo that stands on the pile of corpses. It demonstrates that he is an angel of death that can befall upon the criminals and instantly finish their lives with a single blow of his deadly dagger.

warrior tattoos photo - 29

#30 The Dark Legion Ruler

Here is a warrior of darkness that rides an infernal horse. Above him you can see a fine shield of the army of hell which is decorated with a crest of chaos. There is war between light and dark and this rider is one of the devilish commanders. This creepy composition, regardless of its grim look, is a nice option for some astonishing sleeve tattoo.

warrior tattoos photo - 30

#31 The Roman Legionnaire

The roman conqueror managed to take over the whole Europe at the north of African continent. The soldiers of the legions of Rome were considered the strongest and the most durable warriors among all. During the marches they walked for hundreds of miles and after that were able to stand and fight with the enemies. Such brave warriors are definitely worth a place on a body of a man.

warrior tattoos photo - 31

#32 The Horned Leader

Here is a fine warrior of the north. Vikings are well-known warriors which were famous all over the world. They travelled across the Europe and the remnants of their presence can be still found during archaeological researches in various areas. The warriors of north wore horned helmets and fur to resemble wild beasts, scare enemies and also to survive severe winters of Scandinavian Peninsula.

warrior tattoos photo - 32

#33 The Viking Boatman

Vikings used to be notorious sea wolfs. They learned how to maneuver on their boats among the ices which are in abundance in the Northern Sea. It was proven that Vikings managed to swim across the ocean long before Columbus and met the Aztec tribes. The technology of ship building was totally different from other nations. The boats were capable to float on the waves and survive terrible storms.

warrior tattoos photo - 33

#34 The Slavic Warrior

This is a warrior of Slavic people that is called the Bogatyr. This name was given to extraordinary warriors who were worthy of hundreds of warriors in the battlefield and they were considered unbeatable. There are many legends that are connected with such warriors and the deeds that were done to protect the people. This tattoo demonstrates an awesome full back colour image.

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