Vampire tattoos

#1 Love Sucks… Blood

The vampires have become a real trend in modern culture. After the appearance of popular vampire movies everybody became fascinated of ice cold and blood sucking beings which dwell in the night. This tattoo looks really elegant and provocative. It has got a double decked meaning where one means some hidden erotic sense and another meaning demonstrates the love to the vamps.

vampire tattoos photo - 1

#2 Enjoying Blood

Just look at this amazing vampirella. She seems to be really enjoying her portion of nice sweet ruby liquid that is slowly flowing along her lips and chin. That art is truly scary but at the same time it looks so adorable and filled with maleficence. One who is crazy about the royalty of night would definitely like this predator in a flesh of a seductress that is eager to quench her thirst.

vampire tattoos photo - 2

#3 Ready to Attack

Usually the vampire females look elegant and attractive like the most stunning fashionable models. They have got snow white pale skin accompanied with platinum blond locks that are waving with every step they make. Finally, they have got the lips of unbelievable redness and the eyes of gold. But you should not be deceived by her smile as behind the lips there are blade like teeth which are longing for blood.

vampire tattoos photo - 3

#4 Full Moon Horror

When the silver light of the full moon is crossing the dome of night sky, the beings of night rise from the depths of their underground dwellings. They are waking up from the daily slumber in the coffin. They are banned from the light of day because of a terrible cure and are condemned to roam at night suffering from an eternal thirst for blood that makes them live forever.

vampire tattoos photo - 4

#5 Sweet Eroticism

There is something really unbelievable in the bodies of vampire females. They have got the gracefulness of a cat but at the same time they are more dangerous than anything else in the whole world. This vampire lady resembles a demonic succubus – a special type of demon that represents all the dark desires and lust that dwells in the human hearts.

vampire tattoos photo - 5

#6 Dark Rituals

At this body art we have a dark art that represents a vampire in special attire. However, it would be better to say that the body can be totally naked while the head is covered with a helmet that is made of a head of a ram that symbolizes the Satan. The vampires are said to be his children representatives in the human realm and they are supposed to glorify the dark prince in our world.

vampire tattoos photo - 6

#7 Punk Style Guy

Any one has got a chance of becoming a blood sucking monster if he manages to survive the meeting with a vampire. Just take a look at this guy. In his human life he could probably be a punk or a rocker. He even has got an ear ring and a mohawk haircut that are typical elements of a hard music fans. He can go on listening to death metal forever and ever while enjoying some fresh hot blood.

vampire tattoos photo - 7

#8 Bloody Lips

This tattoo shows us a nice art on the forearm of a person. It shows us a pair of nice full lips with a tongue that is licking the drops of blood from the corner of the mouth. That is definitely attractive tattoo with some kind of a hint. You can come close to the owner of the tattoo but you can never be sure if you will be bitten or not. Vampires seem always to inspire people on unusual steps.

vampire tattoos photo - 8

#9 The Swirling Darkness

The vampires are the beings that live at night and feed on blood. However, the dependence on blood is not the only curse they are suffering from. Together with ruby liquid they consume all the malice and negative that dwells inside the human hearts. They are slowly deteriorated in with it until it gushes from the body with a flow of darkness that drips in a shape of black tears.

vampire tattoos photo - 9

#10 For Kitty Lovers

In many stories we have the lord of vampires Dracula that is not afraid of sun and is capable to transform into a bat. However, the bat is not a worthy image for a royal person. In this aspect cats are more suitable for this role. At least this one definitely has got some resemblance with classical vampire king in Victorian attire. Cat and vampire fans will really adore this art.

vampire tattoos photo - 10

#11 Face of Agony

Here is a face of one handsome superstar actor that was bitten during a vampire infection spreading and now he is a member of the army of the undead. His face is distorted in agony as his body is slowly transforming into a bloodthirsty monster that will be able to sing and talk only after he deals with his thirst and gets some hot fluid into his ice cold body.

vampire tattoos photo - 11


#12 I Know What You Want

“Needful Things” is one of the macabre stories that were written by the renowned lord of horrors Stephen King. In this work of fiction a seller arrives to a peaceful little town where all people seem to know each other. He starts offering them various things that they see as the most desirable things in the whole world. He asks for some services in return. With each next request his services become more and more evil.

vampire tattoos photo - 12

#13 Void Walker

This vampire lady seems to have emerged from the void of chaos where time doesn’t exist any more. The whole design of the tattoo says that the creature is alien to the world. The body seems to have been created out of grey mist and the skin seems ghostly transparent. His colourless eyes seem to pierce through you with two abyssal dots which seem to follow your every movement.

vampire tattoos photo - 13

#14 Sexy Lady

Although one might think that this is another tattoo with half naked lady, this body art can boast with some decent story. The woman is located between two elements: the rose and the skull which are the symbols of beauty and ugliness, life and death. The vampires look stunningly attractive but at the same time they are cold as death itself. Their longing for blood can only scare off.

vampire tattoos photo - 14

#15 The Mask of Death

This cartoon designed death is, in fact, one of the most meaningful and most recognizable tattoo ideas for Latin Americans. It represents a death in the mask that is often worn by people during the feast of death on the parades. The vampires are said to be the angels of death and wearing the mask will protect the wearer from blood sucking monsters who roam among people during the celebration.

vampire tattoos photo - 15

#16 Enjoying the Blood

The vampires are strongly dependant on blood. It is not the only thing that grants them nourishment, but is also the magical juice that preserves the look of the wearer forever. In some movies it was also shown that a vampire that has drank all the blood from the body of the victim has consumed the soul of that person. It brings an ecstatic pleasure that is depicted at this drawing.

vampire tattoos photo - 16

#17 Monroe Style

Let us imagine for one second that Marilyn Monroe didn’t die because of the drug overdose but was bitten with some sort of a Nosferatu. The shadow lords of our planet decided to make her one of the immortal family. Although we can see her in various old movies, she has already casted in a great variety of movies which belong to the fund of vampire cinematography.

vampire tattoos photo - 17

#18 Fantasy Vampire

This tattoo is very similar to the works of the Spanish artist Luis Royo who works in phantasy design for several decades. The artist is inspired with beautiful women and depicts them with a slight shade of sexiness. In this case we have got a vampire red head girl that is casting her head backwards with an ecstasy frozen on her face from the blood that she has just drunk.

vampire tattoos photo - 18

#19 Rending Flesh

The vampires have got a totally different digestive system and do not taste anything at all. However, when they are deprived from blood for a long time, they bodies quickly start to decompose and rotten alive. The vampires who were bloodless for an extremely long time slowly transform into ghouls – decaying brainless corpses who wish to eat flesh and nothing more. It seems that the process of transformation has already started with this girl.

vampire tattoos photo - 19

#20 Giant Gargoyle

Although most of the people do not associate gargoyles with the vampires, they have got a lot of common besides drinking blood. Both of them are the beings of night. Neither of these creatures can live under the rays of the sun but gargoyles only transform into stone while vampires burn down to ashes. Each of the species representatives can live almost eternally. If you are searching for a cool alternative for vampires – gargoyles will be a good idea.

vampire tattoos photo - 20

#21 From Dusk Till Dawn

The movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” has long ago become one of the iconic horror movies about vampires. It was warmly accepted by the viewers, while the soundtrack was nominated on several prestigious awards. It was one of the horror movies with minimal censure and a lot of blood and violence. If you are the fan of the movie and vampires, this tattoo would be a fine option for you.

vampire tattoos photo - 21

#22 Lady of the Night

Here we have got a fine lady vampire that will look extremely cool on the body of a female. This is definitely not a diamond sparkling sugar vampire from “Twilight” series, but a real deadly machine that feeds on blood and knows no mercy. This monster is blood soaked up to the elbows and is definitely not going to stop for some love affair. The art is richly decorated with flowers and a black raven that is the symbol of doom.

vampire tattoos photo - 22

#23 Melting Skull

The skull has got many different meanings. It is most often associated with a Grim Reaper as it is said that the skull is hidden beneath his black hood. Although some consider it an ill omen, it can mean quite a positive sense.  It means a person that is capable to look straight into the eyes of death and fear nothing. For such a person death is a friend that is constantly near.

vampire tattoos photo - 23

#24 Alternative Self

Here is a marvellously designed tattoo with a skull. At a closer look you will see that this is not an ordinary piece of bone but a big skull of a vampire. The designer managed skilfully to depict an item that looks as if moulded into the shoulder of the wearer. One might think that an evil being was sealed into the body of the host and now is waiting to be released.

vampire tattoos photo - 24

#25 Full Moon Beauty

Regardless of their eternal blood thirst the vampire ladies can be quite appealing. This one looks like an amazing model with her long sleek black hair and marble coloured skin. The eyes have also got a decent attractive make up. Instead of the lipstick she has got a dry blood that serves as a fine alternative for a vamp woman. The moon shine makes the image complete.

vampire tattoos photo - 25

#26 Do it Already

This tattoo is like a call to arms. It asks the person to do something already. Just take a look at these full lips: they look like a place for bite landing. The vampire lips are performed in an attractive texture that imitates the real skin on the lips. The writing is done in the font that was extremely popular in the 90s. It was shown in a famous series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

vampire tattoos photo - 26

#27 Blank Stare

Here is a really creepy forearm tattoo with an image of a creepy vampire with blood stained face and fingers. The blank eyes are colourlessly staring into nothingness. This is a fantastically coloured body art with an incredible texture that is very close to real life. It will look as if there is a screen on your forearm which shows some awesome horror movie.

vampire tattoos photo - 27

#28 You’re Bitten

The bite of a vampire is usually depicted with a mark of two dots which symbolize the fangs of a blood sucker which are constantly protruding and are extremely sharp and dangerous. In this drawing we can see a distinct trace of such fangs with the remnants of blood. One can believe in the realism of this tattoo but, in fact, it is just a skilful drawing of a master.

vampire tattoos photo - 28

#29 Elvis Bat

The bat is the animal that is most often associated with vampires as it was said that Dracula, the first vampire, was able to transform into this animal. Moreover, vampire bats are the only species of bats which are capable to survive while feeding only on blood. This bat has definitely got some resemblance with some celebrity and at a close range you will easily notice that this is Elvis. The king lives on your body!

vampire tattoos photo - 29

#30 Blood Thirst

There is a special thirst that is known to all the representatives of the night beings. It is a desire of blood. The vampires are said to be evil beings although in reality they are quite miserable things that were cursed for eternal hunger, life and fear of sun. Oblivion is waiting for them in the after world and that is why they are so angry and gruesome.

vampire tattoos photo - 30

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