Horse & horseshoe tattoos

#1 Hardworking as a Horse

Horse tattoos are instantly recognizable when you see them on people. There are a lot of meanings which characterize both horse and its shoes so even the slightest change in the elements of design can lead to a total change in sense of the body art. This fine tattoo demonstrates a horse that is located in a frame of a horse shoe. It reflects a hardworking person who is confident of himself and who knows that luck is on his side.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 1

#2 Miniature Horseshoe

In fact, there is an abundance of tattoos that are available for both men and women, but the most important meaning that is recognized by plenty of people is the horseshoe that it is supposed to bring luck to people. This careful miniature design will become an awesome choice that would be suitable for both males and females. It’s a great option for the first tattoo as well.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 2

#3 Multiple Lucky Charms

A lucky paw, a clover leaf and a horse shoe – what can be common between these items? According to the general human thought they are supposed to bring luck if a person believes in their magical effect. Here is a combination of three lucky charms which were presented in a shape of a stylish composition. With such a talisman the luck will always be on your side.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 3

#4 The Luck is in Your Hand

A personalized tattoo is always a great chance to prove your individuality and a horse shoe can be drawn in various designs to emphasize the wearer’s style. In this case we’ve got a stylish 3d horseshoe that has got a place on the person’s wrist. Perhaps, this is a lucky hand of the owner by means of which he or she managed to win some cool prize.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 4

#5 A Couple of Charms for Luck

A lot of people have got strong emotions to everything that is connected with horses and that is why they select this type of tattoo. The horseshoes mean unbreakable bonds with someone and such a tattoo might remind about strong emotions to a beloved person or to a friend. The design performed in a pencil drawing style is also greatly cherished by people who adore tattoos.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 5

#6 Love for Luck

Here is a fine composition with a deep sense that hides beneath flowers and a horseshoe. The rose is often associated with love and passion while the horseshoe is told to bring luck. Perhaps, the combination of two symbols reflects the desire of the wearer to obtain luck in finding the one and only love. It’s a very romantic body art.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 6

#7 A Perfect Match

Do not miss an opportunity to get a stylish forearm horseshoe design. The traditional ink style of the drawing would be something that is greatly appraised by most of the people. The silky gloss of tattoo paint that is gleaming on the sun is definitely something that will catch the glances of people around, especially when it is on such a visible spot.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 7

#8 Horseshoe Plated with a Vine

When some vine plates something, it reflects a strong connection or a bond of some sort. This tattoo reflects the inner desire a person to bind luck to his side. The style of the tattoo makes the wishes of the owner visible to the public, even if the person doesn’t think in such a manner. No matter what one may think a decent portion of luck will be on the tattoo owner’s side.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 8

#9 Simply for a Good Luck

What can be considered a sign of good fortune that would be recognized by plenty of people and even by lady luck herself? – That’s right, it’s a horseshoe! Those people who have got luck in their genes will surely enjoy this spine located simple horseshoe. It would serve as a fine reminder of the fact that luck would also be on the side of such a person.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 9

#10 Bound with Flowers

There are plenty of means to wear a horseshoe tattoo. It can be either on a back, a shoulder or a forearm. Fortunately, this symbol of luck does not occupy a lot of place and regardless of the spot it is located it would look equally amazing. Take a look at this back style pairs of horseshoes that are bound with flowers. It’s an excellent tattoo design idea for women who adore horses and flowers.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 10

#11 Minimalistic Design

The science of symbols states that even the position of a horseshoe can have an important meaning while deciding where to place it. If you place it downwards, it will fight bad luck and serve as a powerful shield against ill luck. When it is placed upwards, like in this design, it will transform into a magnet that will lure the luck to the hands of the wearer. The size of lucky tattoo doesn’t matter at all.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 11

#12 Blooming with Luck

We all know that horseshoe tattoos are supposed to bring up some luck but at the same time a tattoo can become a sexy accessory of a stylish lady if placed in a proper place. Here you can see a fine horseshoe that was crowned with a lily. It was specifically placed at such an alluring place to drive some attention of strong sex representatives.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 12

#13 Overcoming the Obstacles

The horse is a noble and powerful animal that is capable of overcoming a variety of obstacles. It is able to carry heavy load and participate in races. It is one of the oldest friends of a human being that was tamed at the dawn of times. This tattoo symbolizes the ability of the person to jump over all the obstacles and reach any goals which will be set by the wearer.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 13

#14 The Luck Is in the Heart

The stylish silvery style composition looks really adorable. The heart that is performed in a chaotic design and a horseshoe that was made like some piece of jewelry are amazing. The tips of the horseshoe are pointed upwards in a shape of a magnet as if to attract something. The heart in the center of the horseshoe symbolizes the love that the wearer wants to acquire. Thus we’ve got a magnet for love!

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 14

#15 Natural Style Horseshoe

Among many multiple meanings of a horseshoe, the protection is probably one of the most missed meanings of the sign. Not everybody knows that the items were first created by romans who wanted to protect the hooves of their traveling companions. A lot of people used to carry these items as talismans that will grant protection during the march. The tattoo like this will give you divine protection in a very cute manner.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 15

#16 Master of Luck

There are many people who desire to have the luck on their side. However, there are situations when it is better to have a shield against bad luck while everything else can be done by the efforts of the wearer. The upside down tattoo on the hand of the person is supposed to grant such defense that will battle the worst of luck any time you do something important.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 16

#17 Being the Master of the Fate

This attractive tattoo is just an awesome motivational body art. The magnet of luck is performed in a reserved style with natural decoration, while the top of it is decorated with handwriting with a powerful motivational speech. It shows that the person is capable to smith one’s fate with the very own hands and everything is possible with such an attitude.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 17

#18 3x Best Luck

One horseshoe means luck, but what do triple horseshoe mean? The answer might be very simple. The person might wish more luck and three horseshoes can possible reflect a triple luck. However, it can mean a number of times when the person was extremely lucky in his life and managed to achieve something outstanding in his or her life.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 18

#19 A Cute Horse Talisman

This is definitely a tattoo of the person who has got a horse or has a strong affection to these noble animals. Just take a look at this art. It is so bright and cute that we can see love to this beautiful animal in every movement of the drawing needle. We can enjoy richly decorated composition of a horse, stylish horseshoe and rose making a fine body art complete.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 19

#20 Test Your Luck

This tattoo is done in a very stylish metal design that is bound to be attractive. The item is made this way specifically to look like a real one. The black and white colors and three dimensional shadow that adds some extra volume to the item is really something awesome and worth wearing. With this tattoo you can be pretty sure that luck will be always at your side.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 20

#21 Oil Painting Style

It’s another fine combination of a horse with its horseshoe. This time we have got a design that is totally different from the most of the standard models which can be seen in modern world. This tattoo is performed in a manner of a classical oil painting picture and it really looks gorgeous on the body of the wearer.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 21

#22 Luck in Nature

This horseshoe with a rich natural decoration has got another secret meaning. Pay attention to the writing on the foot of the lady. It carries the first and last name of some person. Perhaps, that is the name of the beloved one acquiring of which was the best luck in the life of the person. You can also get a similar tattoo with the name of your sweetheart.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 22

#23 Mini Horses Were Here

Miniature horseshoe tattoo like this would be a splendid beach idea. Putting it on a foot will serve as an excellent summer decoration that won’t remain unnoticed. A lady would definitely look cute with such tiny little pony’s footsteps. And maybe such a quantity of good luck charms will bring more luck in personal life of the owner.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 23

#24 Forever in Love

This romantic designed tattoo shows us some really strong feelings. As we can see the two horseshoes are bound together and are richly decorated with lily flowers which are often associated with strong emotions like love and passion. The design of the flowers is something that is definitely worth the attention of people.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 24

#25 Golden Treasure

The golden color is often associated with gold and wealth. Acquiring a tattoo with a golden décor definitely means the longing of a person for some richness. This stylish tattoo offers smooth shapes and elaborated golden natural ornament. If you want some luck in acquiring wealth, this tattoo will become a splendid talisman of yours.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 25

#26 Funny Horse

Take a look at this tattoo and it might seem that a horse on the decoration seems to be laughing at you. It’s a very positively designed art that will bring you good mood every time you see it. In any case it’s a fine stylish black and white tattoo that looks very cute on the wrist and grants a lot of joy.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 26

#27 Stylish Celtic Option

This creative foot tattoo design looks extremely attractive with ladies. It would be really hard to find a woman who would mind having such an adorable tattoo on her slim foot. The good luck charm is combined with a pretty flower decoration and a horse that seems to be hiding in the bouquet of flowers. This stylish footwear design will become a cool tattoo option for a next beach season.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 27

#28 Wish upon the Star

Let all your dreams come true! This fine combination of several elements make a powerful talisman that should make all your wishes real. The star is a symbol of hope and that is why many people often make wishes when they see a falling star that pierces through the night sky. The horseshoe is the magnet of luck. Together these two items make a powerful tool of realizing all the dreams of the wearer and a stylish designer accessory.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 28

#29 Luxurious Albino

Here’s a representation of human dreams that is shown in a shape of a stylish four legged beast. Just take a look at this might and noble look. The white color is often associated with purity of soul and unicorn, a magical horned horse, is also white and it makes people’s dreams come true. That’s probably the reason for such a design.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 29

#30 Mother and Baby

The big and tiny horseshoes would be a fine reflection of the idea of unity between a mother and her baby. This is a good idea that will serve as a fine reminder of this bond. A tattoo on a belly after giving birth would look really cute and attractive. Consider this option, if you are planning to commemorate the appearance of your first born.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 30

#31 Fragments of Memories

This stylish horseshoe tattoo with fallen leaves is also quite an inspirational one. It reminds us that every passing year is like a fallen leaf. We should cherish every single moment in our lives and hope for the best to come. The horseshoe is placed to increase the luck of the wearer with every year and grant endurance to move further.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 31

#32 Joker for a Game

While playing a game of life many people want to have some boost that will assist them to gain the best cards from the dealer of fate. This cute little horseshoe will become a joker hiding in your sleeve that will attract the best of luck to your side. It will help you on your way to realizing all the dreams of yours. Just check it out.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 32

#33 Wild Mustang

The wild horses are stronger and more endurable than usual horses and that is the reason why people in the west of the USA tried to tame the wild beasts in the prairie. The stallion on the forearm of the person is an awesome representative of a species. All of us should remember that mustangs are strong and honorable beings. Perhaps, these qualities are characteristic of the owner of the tattoo.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 33

#34 The Horse of Doom

The raven colored horses used to have an extremely bad reputation. In some traditional beliefs seeing a dark beast, on the road without a rider, meant something really bad and vicious. This animal that is standing on the back hoofs has really something creepy in it, especially when it is combined with lightning bolts and a dark cross on the background.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 34

#35 Just a Hard Worker

Here we have a fine tattoo of simple working horse in full equipment that is ready for work. Such type of a tattoo would be strongly preferred by people who want to demonstrate their hard working nature. The horse is a symbol of incredible strength and probably that’s why there is a saying “work as a horse”. This is a very speaking tattoo.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 35

#36 Key to Luck

Everybody wants to be happy and achieve something outstanding and this tattoo is just for such cases. The horseshoe is a traditional attribute of luck and there is a special key that will open all the doors and disarm all the traps that might face the wearer on his way to desired. The two elements are united with a vine as if to say that it is an unbreakable unity.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 36

#37 Tribal Silhouette

We couldn’t have omitted traditional tribal design. This miniature shoulder horse look really cool and will be suitable for both sexes as tribal style is considered a universal designer solution. If you want an unusual hinting tattoo that will underline you individuality, pick this one as it will reflect your powerful inner spirit that is characteristic of a horse.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 37

#38 Irish Fleur

The only thing that this tattoo misses is a leprechaun and a pot with gold. Irish people are really passionate about lucky charm. When it comes to the selection of lucky clovers and horseshoes – they know best. The horseshoe that is united with lucky four leaf clover flowers will bring you a lot of good fortune in various occasions.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 38

#39 Dark Night

Here we have a guardian horse for a pretty lady in a shape of extraordinary black horse. The design of the tattoo is really extremely attractive and will drive a lot of attention toward your style. Just take a look at the muscle structure and noble air – that is truly a real dark knight that would be a matching horse for Batman in the alternative reality.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 39

#40 Tiny Horse Has Been Here

It seems that there was a cute little horse on the back of this person. It can be equally a lucky charm for a woman. It is considered that many women think that the more luck charms you have, the more luck you will obtain. However, this is a matter of belief. If it is strong, you will be able to break down the mountains and lady luck will always assist you. In this case the tattoo will be just a manifestation of your confidence.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 40

#41 Smoky Style

See an attractive design of a horseshoe that will attract your attention with a totally unusual style. As you might have guessed the horseshoes are made of smoke in this fine tattoo and the particles of white are flowing around it adding some extra style. Consider this option for your next planning of the body art.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 41

#42 Hell Horse

Just take a look at these supernatural muscles. It is really mesmerizing to look at this mighty animal that seems to have broken the gates of hell and escaped to freedom. Now this hellish stallion is roaming though the land, leaving a fire trail behind. He is searching for a new master who will be able to tame this monster. Maybe you will be the one who manages to do it?

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 42

#43 For Those Who Fear

If you often feel anxious about some things that are hardly worth of your nerves, this tattoo will deal with all the troubles. In various cultures a horseshoe is considered a protective talisman that is used for casting away evil spirits and attraction of the good ones. That is why this tattoo would be a beneficial one for those people who cannot cope up with their anxiety.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 43

#44 Noble Stag

Technically it is not a horse, but it is not less noble looking that a horse. Moreover, they are close relatives. So if you are thinking about an alternative to a horse tattoo that will mean a brave and noble person, then a stag would be a fine solution. It has got the same qualities and even sometimes this animal is granted a title of the king of the northern forests.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 44

#45 Cloudy Horse

This horse is also not a usual animal. It was made of various clouds and it seems that it has come from Scandinavian myths about Odin and other Norse gods. It will become an excellent body art that will greatly enhance your style, making it absolutely unforgettable. Try on this tattoo with a horse and you will be surprised with an effect that it will add to your image.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 45

#46 Black Nightmare

Another black horse is another portion of astonishment. The tattoos with black stallions look really extraordinary if drawn in a proper way. This model is depicted in movement and we can see how skillfully the author managed to describe every aspect of the animal’s physiology. The tattoo like this must decorate some muscular body!

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 46

#47 The Goddess on a Flying Horse

The horse with the wings is called Pegasus. The lady that seductively sits on its top can be considered the Greek goddess of love and passion. This is a real masterpiece of art and it does tell us an incredible story that each of us can imagine to oneself when watching at this picture. This would be a really extraordinary choice for a person who is crazy about fantasy style tattoos.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 47

#48 Sexy Hint

A tattoo with tiny cure horseshoes can become an extremely sexy element of a lady’s look, especially when it is placed in a proper place. Here we’ve got an option of tattoo that is located very close to the zone of bikini and while wearing a stylish set on the beach you will look shockingly awesome. All the men won’t be able to drive the eyes away from you.

horse & horseshoe tattoos photo - 48



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