Hip tattoos

#1 Elegant Butterfly Design

There are various options of placing the tattoo on a hip of a person, but the area of the hips is not that big. The person might decide to make either a small tattoo or a large one that will get onto other parts of the body. The butterfly is probably the most traditional design for a hip tattoo as these are quite lovely insects which are adored by women all over the world.

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#2 Thorny Rose

A beautiful giant rose is an excellent option for a hip tattoo. It underlines the slim shapes of the body offering a fine accent on the most seductive parts of any women. In this case we have got not just a bud of a flower but a giant blooming crown that is covered with thorny vines. They are suitable for a woman who seems spiky and aggressive outside but very soft and gentle inside.

hip tattoos photo - 2

#3 Elegant Lotus

Lotus is a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment in various religious cults. Here we have got a lovely red lotus with a tribal design. The colour of the flower does reflect a fired up character of the owner and it really looks very cute and soft on a body of a young lady. If you are checking the tattoos with various senses, this one with knowledge symbol will be a good idea.

hip tattoos photo - 3

#4 A Lovely Bow

For some women the hip tattoo can be somewhat painful due to a great number of nerve cells that are located in the hips. However, many women are eager to get a lovely hip tattoo and try finding a simple and attractive design that will catch the eyes of people around. In this aspect such simple ribbon tattoo would be a splendid decoration of your body. The ribbons are really girlish and irresistible variants.

hip tattoos photo - 4

#5 Light Hearted Butterfly

Butterflies are lovely miniature creatures which are capable to float as light feathers. Due to its small size it is a number one solution for a hip tattoo. In this case we have got a brilliant creature with an unusual design of the wings performed in a rainbow gradient. This is a symbol of light heartedness and easy spirit where there is no need for tension. This is also a symbol of a positive personality who never gets upset.

hip tattoos photo - 5

#6 Pink Butterfly on a Branch

There are various symbols which would look pretty on a hip tattoo. All the images strongly depend on the shape of the hips and would look totally different on various women. While choosing the next tattoo one can consider the option with curved vines and lovely insects. This tattoo is a fine example for slim shaped hips. The loveliness of this pink composition is beyond limits.

hip tattoos photo - 6

#7 A Lovely Swallow Tattoo

Swallow tattoos are amazing options for hips. This little pretty bird, performed in simple black and white design, will amaze any person with the richness of the symbolism that is passed through the whole human history. This tattoo is often bound with health, loyalty and amazing power to fly across oceans and seas. This is a fine talisman for a girl and hips are an excellent place for it.

hip tattoos photo - 7

#8 Floristic Patter

Every woman dreams about gorgeous look and this tattoo will definitely change the appearance of yours to totally different heights. This natural ornament is a fine abstract tattoo that will underline the loveliness of your hips and make you look even more seductive and sexy. In black and white it looks specifically gorgeous, though it would look not less inspiring with some bright colours.

hip tattoos photo - 8

#9 Giant Flower Bed

If you are not afraid to decorate your body with large tattoos, this one will definitely become a diamond in your collection of body art. Certainly it is not just a hip tattoo, but a large side flowerbed with roses that has bloomed on your adorable body. What is the best flower for a woman? – That’s right, roses are the flowers that are worthy of a queen like you.

hip tattoos photo - 9

#10 Amazing Flower in Blossom

Flower tattoos have greatly developed in the last few decades and there is an abundance of flower decoration in various shapes and with various meanings that will be suitable for both men and women. In this case we have got a big flower with giant petals that are richly ornamented with curling vines. This is an excellent symbol of purity in both mind and body that serves as a good charm.

hip tattoos photo - 10

#11 Amazing Complex Design

While some women are interested in miniature tattoos, there are some ladies who are ready to offer their bodies as a canvas for the creation of a masterpiece. Take a look at this woman – she gave her side for an amazing hip tattoo composition that found its continuation on the back and thigh of the lady. It has got various elements such as flowers, vines and under a closer look you will see a snake silhouette.

hip tattoos photo - 11

#12 Lovely Cherry Blossom

This branch of a cherry blossom or sakura is a great choice for a tattoo design. The flower of Japanese cherry is one of the oldest symbols of woman’s charm and beauty. It is characteristic of various Asian cultures. The cherry blossom theme can be depicted as blooming flower, a branch with floristic elements, pagoda with flying petals etc. Each of the options will find some good place on the body of a woman.

hip tattoos photo - 12

#13 Music is My Love

Some people are really crazy about music and can’t imagine their lives without it. That is why we are offering a simple but very nice looking idea for a music person. This body art demonstrates us the headphones that are accompanied with a motivational slogan on note steps with various music symbols around. This is a very lovely tattoo for a woman who loves music and is searching for a hip tattoo.

hip tattoos photo - 13

#14 Red Rose for You

You might have heard the fact that rose tattoos are one of the most popular option for body art. The rose flowers are among the most feminine designs to put on one’s body. They can be modified in various ways and combined with different elements. The rose is the oldest symbol of beauty and purity that is strongly associated with ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek goddesses and is definitely worth a place on your body.

hip tattoos photo - 14

#15 Peace for Heart

Among the variety of symbols heart is among the most recognizable options for drawing. It has got various meaning among which the best known is love. It is also associated with human soul, passion, purity etc. In this peculiar tattoo there is a modification of a heart tattoo with a popular peace symbol of hippies. This is a totally new demonstration of heart sign.

hip tattoos photo - 15

#16 Grasp the Moment

The life of a dandelion is very short. With a single blow of air the petals can be scattered away leaving the flower totally naked. It is a fine inspiring tattoo that demonstrates us the importance of grasping the moment. Don’t wait till the chance will be taken away by the wind blow. At this tattoo we can see that half of the opportunity has been lost, but there are still some chances to grasp so don’t miss them.

hip tattoos photo - 16

#17 Royal Colour Butterfly

Insects are not that popular options for tattooing, but butterflies are totally different creatures among them all. The tattoos with gentle winged butterflies are truly feminine drawings that can be depicted in various shapes and colours. They are said to have a strong imaginative power and this purple little being can cause nothing but admiration and amazement.

hip tattoos photo - 17

#18 Heart Shaped Motivation

The heart shaped tattoos are popular body art drawing variant for various ladies. In this case we have got a slightly enhanced version of a hip heart tattoo that is composed of elegant handwritten words which are twisted in an appropriate shape. It has got some nice motivational phrases which attract the attention of people and motivate the wearer day by day.

hip tattoos photo - 18

#19 Rose Contour Tattoo

The flower of a rose would be an excellent choice for a pretty hip tattoo of woman. It will emphasize the smoothness of her body lines and at the same time will be a symbol with a rich meaning. Rose flowers are often characterising a pure hearted personality with various positive qualities. This is a lovely rose tattoo that is composed of slim lines and voluminous contours.

hip tattoos photo - 19

#20 Tribal Hip Tattoo

In the last years a new style of tattoos has emerged. It is called a “tribal”, though it has got nothing in common with classical tribal art. Such tattoos symbolize various things. They can mean some special magical and healing ritualistic power. At the same time the tribal patterns are characterized with some primitive tribal strength that will amaze everyone around.

hip tattoos photo - 20

#21 Devilish Style Tattoo

There are many means to express oneself in the most unusual ways. Here is one totally different tattoo that will surely amaze you. The main theme of this body art is a totally unexpected one – the sin. Here we have several symbols of the dark overlord like snake that symbolizes the first seducer and the ram that is often associated with the Baphomet, one of the dark spirits that are worshiped by the witches.

hip tattoos photo - 21

#22 Mandala Style Lotus

Lotus is often considered a mystical flower in Eastern occult tradition. It is strongly bound to the enlightenment and ability to see the future. It is said that the number of petals shows us the level of the soul’s development. Here is wonderful sign of mandala that means a meditative circle that is said to be a doorway to understanding all the secrets of the world.

hip tattoos photo - 22

#23 Merry Melodies

Merry melodies are not only a series of hilariously funny cartoons but also a mood with which a person can treat the world. When music of happiness is constantly engulfing your heart there is no need to get depressed or sad about anything. This tattoo is fine reminder of such a style of life – a symbol of music with airy butterflies will definitely bring a smile onto your face no matter what.

hip tattoos photo - 23

#24 All Good

For daring people there is a fine alternative for a hip tattoo with a plant motive. You might have already guessed that this is a leaf of cannabis plant and it shows us the victory sign. This plant is usually associated with relaxation and probably when the person doesn’t feel any tension then the life seems better than under a constant stress. It just says to all of us to relax and take everything easy.

hip tattoos photo - 24

#25 Lovely Dolphin

This pretty dolphin would be a nice tattoo solution for both men and women. There are several factors which point at the beneficial status of this tattoo. First of all, it is certainly its cuteness and universality for both sexes. Secondly, the dolphin has got a rich symbolic meaning that ranges between religious sense and symbol of good luck and intellect. This simple hip tattoo will surely decorate your body in a nice way.

hip tattoos photo - 25

#26 Skull with Roses

If we are talking about any sort of bold tattoos for a woman’s hip, there is an excellent idea of skull and rose unity. Some people are often misleading by the meaning of this tattoo, considering it malevolent and even criminal. The combo of these two elements represents a constant duality that surrounds us every day. The rose with a skull is a mirror reflection of good and evil which fight inside every human being.

hip tattoos photo - 26

#27 Peony for Prosperity

The tattoo designs with flowers are the most preferable drawing for fair ladies. Flowers have got their own language and can help people communicate with each other. Peony is one of the most venerated flowers in a great number of eastern countries including China and Japan. This flower means richness and good luck, so why you shouldn’t wear a magnet for prosperity on your body that will look astoundingly amazing?

hip tattoos photo - 27

#28 Butterflies on the Flow

All women are crazy about colourful butterflies and often decide to use them as a design for their future tattoos. They really look attractive and feminine like. In this aspect we have got a simple but still adorable design of butterflies which are flowing along the tide of flowers. Just take a look at their fragile wings and the light that they seem to emit while flying along the body of a woman.

hip tattoos photo - 28

#29 Sexy Star

A place where hip slowly goes to the thigh is one of the sexiest places on the whole body of the woman. No wonder that ladies like to decorate their bodies with some fancy tattoos at this place. There are various options for a woman to select from. The star tattoo is an excellent choice for a wishful woman who has got a lot of desire and is able to bring them to reality.

hip tattoos photo - 29

#30 A Hip Quote

Hips are excellent places for quotations of various types. It is possible to write any sort of a motivation phrase or some kind of a reminder that will remain with you for the rest of your life. The phrase, word and even a rhyme can be created on your body in some elegant handwriting or put it into some composition with banner as an alternative.

hip tattoos photo - 30

#31 Tribal Band

This is another stylish tattoo of a tribal sub type that flows like a wave at the hip of your body. It is composed of a plated element which resembles a piece of a stylish waist band. It looks really organic on some elegant curves and the flower is a focus point which will definitely catch the glances of men during beach season.

hip tattoos photo - 31

#32 Royal Back

There is no need to explain the meaning of the crown. That’s right, it means royalty and superiority. This is a kind of tattoo that would be matching an ambitious lady who knows what she is worthy of. There are various designs of crowns that are available for women. So you won’t have any difficulties in finding the design that will match your noble persona.

hip tattoos photo - 32

#33 The Tribal Lotus

Here is a lovely waistband for a woman that is performed in a traditional Hawaiian style. The design is truly amazing and is worthy of being placed onto the hip of yours. Such a design symbolizes the preparedness for a battle. The lotus symbolizes purity in various aspects and magical abilities. This tattoo is supposed to protect the wearer from evil spirits and bring good luck.

hip tattoos photo - 33

#34 Greek Style

The Greek culture or as it is also called an Ellinistic culture can boast with an incredibly rich history. Their alphabet is one of the oldest in the world and it has got several first texts which were written at the dawn of human civilization and which preserved till nowadays. Take the phrase of some ancient philosopher and find it a nice place on your body.

hip tattoos photo - 34

#35 The Knife of a Tribe

Hip tattoos are unbelievably seductive. With such a tattoo you will surely be the queen of the beach. This piece of art shows us a marvellous knife, perhaps, belonging to some ancient tribe. This tattoo is saying that its owner is a dangerous woman who can stand up for herself. The designer used geometrical figures and the play of light and shades to make the tattoo even more realistic.

hip tattoos photo - 35

#36 Seducing Flower

If you are a kind and gentle person, such hip tattoo will be a good choice for you. The designer performed his masterpiece in black colour only, although the flowers look perfect. The flowers are placed vertically that visually makes the legs look longer. Which of the girls didn’t dream about long top model legs?! Consider this tattoo as an option to attract all the eyes to you.

hip tattoos photo - 36

#37 A Poem for a Soul

Writing of a poem on one’s side can be a very romantic and intimate tattoo so that only a person you love could see some special poetry that managed to touch your heart and occupied an eternal place on your body. The lines of the text can be written in some incredible font and accompanied with some additional decoration like roses for example.

hip tattoos photo - 37

#38 Spirited Away

Butterflies are not only cute little beings that are carelessly flying all around. They are present in various myths and have got plenty of magical abilities. In Asian cultures butterflies are the guardians of the human souls. They are like guardian angels which are always near and when the moment of death come they make their last flap of wings and take the soul of the person to another world.

hip tattoos photo - 38

#39 The Birds’ Flight

There are various minimalistic tattoos that are available for wearing. Among these options there are birds which take a special place among all the tattoo ideas. In this piece of art we have got a miniature hip tattoo with little birds. The flying birds demonstrate a free spirit of the person and disagreement with limits that controls the will of the owner. If you like tattoos and want to get one but don’t know from what to start, consider this option.

hip tattoos photo - 39

#40 The Visit of a Swallow

Swallows are characteristic tattoo choice for a lady and you can see various designs with this bird on many women, while men prefer warrior birds like eagles. This little feathered fellow symbolizes loyalty and endurance. It shows us that woman regardless of her fragility can be very strong and deal with numerous tasks – work, take care of the family, do the chores etc.

hip tattoos photo - 40



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