Hebrew tattoos

#1 Say Hello in Hebrew

When you say “Shalom” to someone, it means that you are wishing prosperity and wealth to this person. Shalom is a Hebrew greeting that is said to mean peace between two souls who use this form of greeting. Getting a tattoo of this type on yourself will carry your desire for peace and goodness for all people around you. This is one of the tattoos which show the strength of word.

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#2 Greet the God

This tattoo has a very important meaning Jehovah Shalom that means that Jehova is the Carrier of Peace. It is a perfect reminder that regardless of faith and confession our God desires a very simple thing – peace between all people in the world. The phrase can be found in Judges 6:24 when Gideon in Orphrah greeted the angel who carried him the words of God about granting a piece to all people around him.

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#3 The Tattoo for the Loved Ones

When you are in love with someone and are pretty confident about your emotions towards each other there is a sort of a vow that can be inscribed into the flesh of one another in one of the most mystically powerful language in the world. It literally means “I belong to my Loved One and the Loved One is Mine”. This is a proclamation of an eternal love between a pair of people. This is a sample of a couple tattoos that was made by the Beckham family on the anniversary of their marriage.

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#4 My Heart Is Yours

While standing in front of an altar people give vows of supporting each other under any circumstances and this is a biblical vow written in Hebrew that means a full trust between a couple. It means that they are ready entrusting their lives into the hands of each other. If you are ready to take care of someone and want to be taken care and totally believe in the person, this body art will be a symbol of eternal love that will serve as a constant reminder.

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#5 A Brave Charm for Strong People

The inscription on the wrist of a person can be translated as a wish of being strong and brave under any circumstances. This is a great tattoo idea for a person who wishes a strong motivation for actions and every moment he or she feels discouraged. He or she will understand that everything will be good and this motivational phrase will boost you up granting a decent amount of strength that is necessary for accomplishing a goal.

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#6 The Wisdom of the Solomon King

This tattoo depicts one of the phrases that was used by a legendary king of Jerusalem Solomon. It is said that it was engraved on the ring of his and every time something has happened he used to look at the ring that told him the phrase on the picture “This too shall pass”. It means that the world is in constant movement and that nothing stays the way it is. So if something bad has happened, it will soon be substituted with something totally opposite.

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#7 The God of Gods

Elohim is considered one of the main names of the God that can be translated as God above all gods. The Almighty is called in such a way in many chapters of the Bible and using of this name as a tattoo means seeking for the divine protection. It is considered that if the name of the god is written on a person’ s body, it means that he or she has devoted himself to the serving the God and the highest entity will always support his child as a shepherd takes care after each sheep in the herd.

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#8 A Proof of Adultness

This phrase shows us that a child knows what he or she is doing and that it’s his or her own choice. A similar phrase was told by Jesus to his Father as the God’s Son new why he has come to the world – to atone for people’s sins and that He is ready to die for it. A similar tattoo can be used by a grown up person as a proof that he or she has already grown up and is capable of making right beneficial decisions.

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#9 A Reminder of a Victim

This phrase from the book of John is a perfect preventer from evil thoughts and deeds as it states that the Almighty has sacrificed his one and only son to grant eternal salvation to all people’s souls. Wearing this tattoo means that you understand the price that was paid for the redemption of our sins and that you are putting all the effort to led a righteous sinless way of life. This is an extremely inspiring tattoo for a person to wear.

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#10 The Beloved Son

All males are the sons of God and females are his daughters. He loves all of us equally and wants us to be happy under any circumstances. Like any parent he can be strict and give us various lessons to pass and if we manage to overcome difficulties we become stronger. Making us wiser and stronger – that is the goal of our Father.

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#11 We belong to God

All of us are children of the God and he constantly takes care of us in various manifestations. That is why we shouldn’t be afraid of anything as God knows better what is best for us and will offer his aid whenever he is asked. All he needs from us is the love and faith that come from our hearts! We can offer him this by saying prayers and glorifying him.

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#12 Do not Doubt

When Jesus walked the water during the storm, he asked Peter to rise and follow him. At first he managed to do this, but later on he started to drown. Jesus explained that it was all because of doubts in the reality of what was happening. The scripture tells us never to doubt in anything as confidence in faith grants strength for actions.

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#13 The God Walks with Me

This phrase states that every person in the world has got God by his side and it proves that his omnipotence and omnipresence are the things that all of us should be aware of. When we commit some actions, it should be done with full understanding that he is overseeing us and giving pieces of advice of the right steps to do.

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#14 Spine Length Prayers

The prayers are powerful tools which show our maximal gratitude towards God. It’s the language with which we communicate with him. The writing of the prayer upon the spine means an eternal connection with the Creator as the spine is considered the pillar through which we are bound to our celestial Father. A constant prayer is present upon your back to show you a right path.

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#15 God is Always Inside

As per Psalm 46:5, God is always inside and that he will always help us at a time of need. We should always be aware that our Father is always inside of us following our each step and assisting in every action. If we do the right thing and with clear thought, the God will always be near to help us or assist in every activity that must be fulfilled.

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#16 God is Everywhere

This is yet another reminder of divine presence everywhere around. The art states that God is everywhere, even in the smallest seed or piece of dust. Knowing this we should be honest and filled with righteous light that our souls emit. Doing it means showing our ultimate gratitude to God and love that is the most important thing for him.

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#17 Worship Thy Lord

The tattoo on the wrist shows us the importance never to forget about our God and offer him regular prayers that should originate from the depths of our hearts. The prayer doesn’t lie in the words that we are saying, but in the thoughts and emotions that we put into them. So even the simplest prayer will become a powerful tool of belief if said with plenty of faith.

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#18 All of Us Are His Children

All of us are the children of the Creator as all of us were made according to his likeness and putting this phrase onto the skin means showing a great bond with the demiurge that granted us the world. In this simple picture we prove that all of us equal as God’s children and must achieve mutual respect in all aspects of life.

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#19 Patience Is a Great Virtue

Salvanut, the Hebrew word for patience, is considered one of the greatest virtues in the Holy Scriptures that makes a person closer to God. You need to be really strong to endure some serious trials that are bestowed upon us by the hand of the Lord. If you are able to show patience and preserve calmness, it means that you are pure person who is filled with light.

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#20 The Forgiveness is Yours

This phrase on the tattoo means that you fully apprehend the importance of the Jesus’s sacrifice. He died to offer us a salvation and eternal redemption for our sins and that is why we should be very careful with our actions not to commit the sins. The Son of God died for us and this sacrifice should be respected by everybody in the world. The wearing of this tattoo means that you are trying to be a better person with each passing day.

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#21 In the name Yahweh

The names of the god in all aspects are powerful talismans which bring luck and divine protection in all situations. By writing the name of a god on the body you are screaming towards the universe summoning the God’s benevolence in all spheres of life. The use of God’s name should be conducted with pure thoughts and without harm for anyone.

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#22 Rock Solid

The phrase on the wrist is a command that means “Be Still”. It shows us that a person should be able to preserve a cold mind under any circumstances and be able to judge fairly even in the hardest moments. Having such a good reminder that is always at hand will assist in various situations when one needs to make a right choice.

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#23 Not War but Peace

The verse that is written on the spine is an excellent motivational phrase which states that God’s word is the strongest tool and that the word of Lord is the sharpest blade that will make the Jericho walls fall. It shows us that violence is totally futile and only the words of wisdom can reveal the real truth of any situation.

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#24 Here I Am

Hineni – a powerful Hebrew word that can be approximately interpreted as “Here I am”. This is the highest mark of readiness for everything as you are offering yourself to everything that is in God’s will. The phrase is said to belong to Moses who came to the burning bush offering himself as an ultimate God’s tool. It means that you are fully ready to entrust yourself to Lord and will do everything according to His will.

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#25 Life Is in Everything

Life was created by God in all shapes and types and we must cherish every sign of life around. The carving of a simple word “Life” reminds us that all of us were made equal in the eyes of the Lord. That is why we should try to lead a worthy life with a respect to our Creator and to each other. The righteous life is the greatest gratitude that can be offered to Lord God.

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#26 The Power of God Inside

This tattoo is a part of Samuel 22:33-35 chapter where it is stated that God is the power of a person and that He assists a person in following a perfect path. Each person should follow the path of a righteous one and the God is the best helper in any case. That is why it’s so important to listen to your inner voice so that you were able to hear the voice of God who is present in everything.

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#27 The Verse of Belief

Writing down the verses of a Holy Book on one’s flesh has an extremely powerful effect as it is an action of an absolute belief in the actions of the God. Besides offering your body as a sheet of paper for a Holy Scripture is the greatest gift. The verses that are written on the back of the lady worship the God and His Holy Son in everything around. This verse is a sort of a prayer that will grant you strength in the most problematic situations.

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#28 The David’s Psalm

The psalm that is placed on the hand of the person refers to the David – the future chosen King of Israel. In these verses he glorifies the name of the God and offers his gratitude for everything that God has given him. The verses state that everything that is happening to a person is done according to the One’s will and we should accept it as nothing that is done by His hands is done without a divine providence.

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#29 Blessed with the Light

This writing in Hebrew has a very simple meaning – blessed one. It is a perfect reminder that every person in the world is blessed with the most important gift – the gift of life. It means that we should be wise enough to cherish this gift and do everything possible to glorify the Almighty one. We must be grateful for the opportunity to make our own choices and mistakes.

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#30 Family above All

The word that has been written on the hand of the person means one of the most important things in the life of any person – the family. If you are travelling somewhere or staying far away from home, you need to look at your hand to see that you are not alone and that there are people who are waiting for you to return and who are missing you.

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#31 The Tests Make Us Stronger

Deuteronomy 8:2-3 part of the Holy Bible refers to the period when Moses led the Jews though the desert for forty years to test them. Wearing such a tattoo means that all the test that befall upon a person are divine ones and they are made on purpose to make the person stronger. So there is no sense in getting upset about anything as the God always grants a fair amount of trials which a person can deal with.

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#32 Be Always Friendly

Hand shaking is a traditional style of greeting in various cultures. If you have decided to make yourself a stylish tattoo, the option with a Jewish greeting would be a wise choice. Shalom has a very important meaning – peace. So every time you shake someone’s hand you wish him peace and desire no harm. That is a very positive art indeed and it is said that it assists in making friends as well.

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#33 Read Backwards

If you have decided to make a tattoo in Hebrew, there is one important thing that must be take into consideration. The texts in Hebrew are not read as standard ones from right to left, they should be read backwards. If it’s done in a wrong way, you might receive a total gibberish instead of some wise phrase. It’s better to find a sample of a text that was checked by the Hebrew user.

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#34 Divine Shield

There are many tattoos which possess a sacral meaning. The very process of inscribing a tattoo is similar to magical doing when you are reading an incantation of some sort. The tattoo on the back of this man is the name of the holy trinity. It is considered that trinity is the most powerful shield against all evil thoughts and doings and it also protects the wearer from any perilous situation. It’s one of the best body art options.

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