Cat tattoos

Disney Alice in Wonderland wedged things nowadays that area unit undoubtedly additional distinguished than any moment in new ram since 1951. She captivated in the slightest degree unforeseen that AIW tattoo styles enhance the sets of countless individuals. From your Cheshire feline, compared to its time toting white rabbit, tattoo specialists have thought about some utterly astonishing parts. We should always take a glance at them!

A cat suggests that precisely what’s close, overcome and charming. And if you love cats to the current extent that you just would like to ink your system with cool feline tattoos? Then you have attended the proper space as we are going to show you some fascinating, some simple, some beautiful and pleasing feline tattoo outlines to parade on your systems. Feline plans as a characteristic of affectionateness and appreciation for these lovable creatures

Cat tattoos

Whether cute or dark, looks adorable and is considered a good luck as well. Ink one of these feline cuties on your body and feel the “cuddliness” oozing out! Both the genders tremendously request feline eyes and dark felines too and look hot as well.

Black tattoos

The Dark Pet Cat Tats tattoo was made at the factory in 2009 by tattoo couple Jason Lambert and Kara Vayre. The vast majority of Martes pennanti artists trust in tattooing, combined with a natural, lifelike quality, using traditional techniques that undeniably endure and seek the simplest of your existence.

Tattoos of Cheshire Domestic Cats: The Cheshire pet cat from Alice in Wonderland is the most well-liked character, the Tattoo Symbolizes the type of beloved cat.

#1 Beloved Emmitt

Cat lovers are crazy about their pets. They miss them a lot if don’t see their furry cuties even for a few days. The tattoo with a picture of the feline friend will be a nice idea to have your cat always near. On this art sample the designer skillfully depicted the cat’s head – it seems that the fur is real. Just close your eyes and you will hear how the cat is purring.

cat tattoos photo - 1

#2 Elegant Outline

So many people love cats – these cute and wise animals. Cats were popular since the ancient Egypt. It was a sacred animal there. Nowadays cats are worshipped in another way: some people download funny cat videos and photos into the internet, while other – put “likes”. Looks like the woman on the picture belongs to a secret cat society: she made a cat sign on her hip so it couldn’t be seen by other people.

cat tattoos photo - 2

#3 Dark Silhouette

This piece of art shows us a nice little black cat. Perhaps, the cat is sitting with its back towards us as if looking at something very interesting. Cat tattoos are actually very popular nowadays. Many cat lovers want to have a marvellous cat picture on their bodies not only because cats are so beautiful, but also because of their independent character. Cat tattoo can be a sign of rebellion against stereotypes as well.

cat tattoos photo - 3

#4 Little Tiger

What a nice tiger! It’s not a tiger? It’s just a cat with a tiger like print. Anyway tigers are also big cats. Tigers and small home cats have so much in common. This shoulder tattoo looks unbelievably realistic: the artist managed to show the glint in the eyes, transition from light shades to darker ones, 3D fur etc. There is such a feeling that this small tiger may jump from the owner’s shoulder any moment.

cat tattoos photo - 4

#5 Black Kitty on the Wrist

There is a superstition that black cats bring bad luck. It’s nothing more than a superstition. This opinion came to us from the Middle Ages when black cats were considered demons and women – witches. At present times many people believe that cats, especially black ones, bring good luck. If you’re not afraid of ill fortune, get some additional good luck with a small black kitty tattoo.

cat tattoos photo - 5

#6 Tiny Cat Earing

Cats and women are very similar: both are independent, graceful and mysterious. They can be either kind and gentle or unpredictable and dangerous. Maybe that is the reason why women love cats so much. There is a marvellous tattoo idea: a cute tiny animal is placed on the ear. It looks like precious ear jewellery. The cat is drawn with a round back as if it is going to attack some prey.

cat tattoos photo - 6

#7 Lord Cat

Just look at this aristocrat of the Victorian epoch. Everything proves that it is a representative of the noblemen. The cat is dressed in a refined manner: it has a jabot and a bow. However, even his eyes tell us about his superiority. This piece of art will be a nice choice for those people who like to add some extravagant elements to their styles. Be sure that you won’t stay unnoticed with such a cat fellow.

cat tattoos photo - 7

#8 Simple Yet Excellent

This cat tattoo is very simple as it consists of the outline only, although it looks very elegant. If you love your cat a lot and want to show your feelings in some way, a cat tattoo will be a splendid option. Moreover, if you don’t like large and bright tattoos, you can always find a golden mean like this small outline cat tattoo. It won’t take much time and efforts to get such a nice picture on your body.

cat tattoos photo - 8

#9 Little Evil

It’s not a kind small kitten, it’s the evil cat from hell. Its entire look tells that it is dangerous: horns and narrow demonic eyes may easily scare off anyone. But don’t be afraid: if you have such a tattoo, the cat will be your guardian against some bad people or spirits. The designer will manage to do such a tattoo very fast as it is performed in black colour only. One more peculiar characteristic is that the cat seems to consist of three separate parts: head, body and tail.

cat tattoos photo - 9

#10 Life Saver

Do you know that cats have nine lives? If you do a cat tattoo, the creature will be your guardian as it will share its good luck with you. Consider this simple elegant tattoo as an option. Although it consists of several curved lines only, it has a powerful sacred meaning. This tattoo won’t be much noticeable, but it will surely do its job – protect you from everything bad.

cat tattoos photo - 10

#11 Minimalistic Style

Minimalism is a great art of putting deep sense into minor details. This piece of art tattoo is a real masterpiece: the cat consists of the outline of ears, whiskers, eyes, nose and mouth. Once you can see what is drawn, you can find there as much sense as you wish. This would be a fine option for those people who don’t like huge and bright tattoos, but prefer some tiny ones.

cat tattoos photo - 11

#12 All Seeing Cat

Cats are believed to have some connection with supernatural. This cat is more than mysterious. This is the all-seeing cat that has three additional eyes to see past, present and future. It would be a good talisman to avoid the problematic situations in future as the cat may give you some prompts. The artist used only black ink, although the eyes have a kind of 3d effect – looks like they are moving when you look at them.

cat tattoos photo - 12

#13 Cat Madness

Are you crazy about cats and can’t resist petting any cat you see? You can obtain lots of various cats with this tattoo: sad and happy cats, cat warriors and cat musicians etc. The cats don’t resemble real animals; they are more some cartoon characters. The tattoo is very simple as it is performed in black outlines, although it will make anyone who sees it smile. Get a cat army on your shoulder.

cat tattoos photo - 13

#14 Stretching Cutie

Here we have a fine tattoo of a feline silhouette. The ink lines depict the animal in the most graceful posture when it stands on all fours and stretches the back letting out its claws. This is the most favourite pose for many cats after napping. It looks very elegant while stretching on the skin of the owner of the tattoo. If you are not the fan of big and bright tattoos, this sample would be a good option.

cat tattoos photo - 14

#15 The Mosaic Figure

The cats are well-known for being fearsome predators which are used to doing what they consider is right. They are characterised with a strong will and hard to control wild nature. However, there is an air of lightness about any representative of the species as even the largest representatives of the cat family are able to walk quietly and almost unnoticed. This tattoo demonstrates us the cat created out of feathers and butterflies that makes it look like some sort of a weightless creature.

cat tattoos photo - 15

#16 Little Black Wrist Cat

The nature of the cat is to walk wherever they like and do what they want. The tattoo of a cat is one of the most frequent choices for women who are self-confident and totally independent. The tattoo of a little black cat would certainly look attractive on any part of the body, but it will be the most noticeable on your wrist as anyone can see your little spiritual guide that is always nearby.

cat tattoos photo - 16

#17 Graceful Feet Tattoos

People prefer adding the tattoos onto their bodies in order to enhance an overall look and create the air of mysteriousness around them. In this aspect cats are among the most mysterious animals that can be used as an inspiration for a tattoo. If you consider yourself similar to a cat by character, it would be a great idea to have such tattoos on the feet to make them look incredibly pretty.

cat tattoos photo - 17

#18 Lines and Curves

The cats are often associated with magic and mysticism. They are said to be able to see various supernatural beings and even show them to people. At the same time they are capable to banish the evil spirits and devour their malevolent aura. A tattoo with a cat can become an excellent talisman protector from the evil spirits that will be always on your body.

cat tattoos photo - 18

#19 Glamorous Lady Cat

This is a true lady that knows fashion well – just look at her makeup: pink lips, long eyelashes, trendy haircut. The artist depicted the cat with a human like face on purpose to show how elegant she is. It seems that it’s not a black cat, but a woman in fascinating evening dress. If you identify yourself with such a lady cat, then this tattoo will be a perfect choice for you.

cat tattoos photo - 19

#20 Fearless Commander

This cat has the look of a brave military leader who fears nothing. Perhaps, somewhere in the cat universe this cat leads the endless army against the enemies of the empire. If you have the character of the warrior, but still love cats, such a tattoo would be a nice option. The designer managed to create a very realistic image using black paint and game of light and shadows. The only coloured element is green eyes.

cat tattoos photo - 20

#21 A Golden Framed Cat

If you really love your pet and it’s hard to imagine your life without it, making a tattoo with the beloved animal would be an excellent idea. It is high time to show the world the love to your kitty. Try to take a photo in the best pose and then ask a professional to teleport it onto your body. You may also like to add some additional elements like this lovely frame.

cat tattoos photo - 21

#22 A Cat in the Mirror

The black cats are often said to bring bad luck but this tattoo reflects the inner nature of the wearer through a magical mirror. There are some features that are common among most of black cats that might be transferred to people. They are extremely observant and tend to notice various things and announce about them to their masters. They are really unpredictable and no one can tell what it is thinking at the moment. These are great qualities for a human being as well.

cat tattoos photo - 22
#23 Graceful Panther

The tattoos can be both huge and small but each of them adds some elegance to the wearer’s image and style. In this case we have got a tattoo of a black panther that is often associated with a nature of all women in the world. Just take a look at this mysteriously looking large cat. It seems that it is going to mesmerize you with a single spark in her bottomless eyes.

cat tattoos photo - 23

#24 Geometrical Cat

Geometrical patterns are very popular nowadays. Here is a splendid arm tattoo with a cat that consists of geometrical figures. Besides strict black lines the cat is bursting with bright colours. It looks like the cat was trying to be serious and hide its inner self, but finally burst with firework of colour and emotions. Don’t hide your emotions and be yourself, otherwise you will explode like this cat.

cat tattoos photo - 24

#25 A Simple Ankle Tattoo

The cat has got a great number of meanings. It can be a symbol of someone you love, for example. The tattoo can become the reflection of your persona. There is a vast amount of designs that are available for tattooing and it’s up to the person what will the body art look like. This option looks really nice and attractive due to the curved lines and noble profile from which the kitty is composed.

cat tattoos photo - 25

#26 Adorable Kitten

The world is totally crazy about cats. If you browse YouTube, you will see that the most popular videos with the greatest amount of likes are those with cats in hilarious situations. The furry four legged tigers bring positive hues to our lives and often cause smile even when we think that it is impossible. Have this simple tattoo to stay always joyful.

cat tattoos photo - 26

#27 Cat on the Moon

It is often said that cats are like aliens among the pets. The matter is not in the look, it is totally usual. That thing that causes amazement is their character that makes cats totally different from other animals. They are rarely in haste and they sleep longer than any other animal in the world. The cats are able to produce vibrations with healing effects. They are frequently called the beings of night due to their natural peculiarities.

cat tattoos photo - 27

#28 Behind the Fence

One of the features of the character of the cat is its curiosity. To illustrate this there is even a proverb about curiosity that killed a cat. This tattoo illustrates the moment when a pair of two pretty kittens decided to look above the fence to see what is happening there. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to them, so you can breathe out with a relief.

cat tattoos photo - 28

#29 Hypnotic Cat

The cats can be delusional and deceiving. You can never tell what this wild beast is thinking about. It can be gentle a meowing in one second and ferocious and hissing in the second one. All the cats are little puzzles. Just take a look at this feline representative. It shows us a whole labyrinth that is leading to its core. The same is with human beings: you need to pass through various trials to understand a person.

cat tattoos photo - 29

#30 Flower Moon

Although dogs usually howl to the full moon, the night light is mostly associated with cats as goddesses of moon in various mythological pantheons resembled cats in some manner. Since ancient times the archetype of woman is bound to the moon as she seems to shine the reflected light of the sun-man. Cat is a night being that can be honourably called womanhood talisman.

cat tattoos photo - 30

#31 Nice Cat Couple

Look at this wonderful cat couple! They are the king and the queen in some cat kingdom as they have amazing crowns with precious stones. Cat king also has a nice intricate jabot, while the queen has a marvellous pearl tiara and a necklace with a ruby. To get such a pair tattoo would be a really nice idea. Just imagine: your left leg is a queen and your right leg is a king.

cat tattoos photo - 31

#32 Angry and Kind

This is a nice arm tattoo with the same cat that was depicted showing two different emotions. Upper picture shows an angry cat: it has squinty eyes and its ears are alert. It seems that once you close your eyes you will hear cat’s hissing. The lower cat is kind and calm: eyes are open wide and the ears are relaxed. If your cat can be both angry and kind, it would be a nice idea to get such a tattoo.

#33 Lady Mystery

If you wish to create some air of mystery and puzzle around yourself, choosing a cat tattoo will be an excellent idea. Just look at this option with a lovely pussy. The eyes are extremely narrow as if pointing at the slyness of the owner and a pitch black colour shows that it will be really hard to look through the mystery of the owner. Finally, the spiral tail shows how delusional a woman can be.

cat tattoos photo - 33

#34 Wild Manticore

This cat definitely resembles the mythical beast from the Persian mythology. The name can be translated as “a man eater”. Judging from the name, this is an excellent body art idea for a seductress that is not afraid of men and knows how to use them well. The image of a predator cat would also be a nice option for brave women who are confident of their power.

cat tattoos photo - 34

#35 Oil Colour Portrait

This art of a cat really resembles some top quality oil painting. Pay attention to the fullness of the colours and amazing texture of an overall composition. There is no doubt that a designer put his soul into this art and was able to feel the love of the client towards the world of little tigers and lions. If you are considering various options for a tattoo, think about this one, but put your own pet instead of this one.

cat tattoos photo - 35

#36 Lovely Couple

Here is an adorable body art with a couple of cats. One of them is black and white while another one is white and black. They are lying close to each other as if embracing one another. It seems that these cats have lived together for many years and now they are in a very honourable cat age. They perfectly illustrate a person that is capable of leaving in peace with oneself.

cat tattoos photo - 36

#37 Yin Yang Cat

This art sample is marvellous: the master managed to perform yin and yang symbol using two cats. Ying and yang symbol originates from ancient Chinese mythology. It is the symbol of balance between male and female origins. It helps to overcome all the contradictions and enhance inner power. Round form means infinity. Such a cat interpretation of ancient symbol will definitely come to liking of cat fans.

cat tattoos photo - 37

#38 A Flower Cat

Here is another lovely feline silhouette that is composed of beautiful flowers. This tattoo shows us that each cat has got a unique character and manner of speech. They are very similar to people as they often tend to show their characters more than any other pet. Such an art will describe not only your love to cats but also describe you as a dreamy and romantic personality.

cat tattoos photo - 38

#39 Fat and Thin

Did you see such a picture “My cat before winter/ My cat after winter”? However, being serious this tattoo has another meaning: it’s your beloved furry feline in its childhood and being adult. This tattoo is very sensitive as it shows how quickly the time passes: just yesterday your pet was so small that it could lie on your palm, but now it has grown up and became a big serious cat. Enjoy every moment spent with your pet.

cat tattoos photo - 39

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