Bat tattoos

Legends and great myths are lurking around the existence of bats. Creatures associated with insidious evil, blood sucking and the underworld. Even before the advent of the myth of Dracula, the Greeks had their version of stories about bats association with goddess Diana of fertility and motherhood. Americans associated them with death and rebirth whiles the Chinese happiness and good fortune.

Bat tattoos are a spectacular idea that has not been ventured into a lot. They can be a great initiator of gothic themes among others. Bat tattoo meanings can be either positive or negative;

  1. Negative meanings are those that are to create the effect of fear inspiring, dark forces, death and demons. This can be done by integrating them with other objects such as skulls, coffins, fallen angels, grip reapers. Color mainly black also causes this effect.
  2. The positive bat tattoo meanings are those of good luck, rebirth, and free spirit and happiness. Bat wings show a free spirit and inhibited limits. The moon and stars are used commonly with bat tattoos, as they are night animals.

Depending on your style, other bat tattoos can also inspire more modern and realistic themes.

#1 Adorable Decoration

This bat tattoo can be a fine option for starters who are trying to choose their first tattoo. These tiny little flying beings would look really attractive. The bats are in trend due to the popularization of this image by various media through Batman comics, movies, cartoons and video games. The three tiny things would be really cool for wearing on the heel.

bat tattoos photo - 1

#2 The River of Bats

This tattoo on the leg looks like some sort of popular stockings that have recently came into trend. The bats are flowing along the skin as if they were a real river. There are several large bats which were made in a very detailed manner while plenty of others are serving as a fine background of the tattoo. It seems that they are flying in the misty skies.

bat tattoos photo - 2

#3 Some bats on a Collarbone

It is very easy to draw bats and perhaps that is the reason for many people’s selection of this type of tattoo. It looks very smart and chic with a fine young lady. The bats are only the silhouettes of the night beings that are roaming through a night sky abyss in a constant search of their prey. This is a really good idea for cute little body art.

bat tattoos photo - 3

#4 A Realistic Being of Night

This is not a schematic depiction of a bat for sure. The author must have seen the bats at a very close range. The designer depicted the flying mouse in a traditional upside down posture with wide open wings. Pay attention to the picture quality: the muscles and tension that can be observed while looking at the skin on the wings are really amazing. Every hair was elaborately crafted as well.

bat tattoos photo - 4

#5 The Name is Batman

Most people are familiar with this symbol that cast light upon the dark city of Gotham. This is the sign of Batman who patronized people and protected them from villains. The design of this tattoo is very simple yet very attractive. It consists of an incomplete symbol of batman which has tiny little bats that finish the puzzle.

bat tattoos photo - 5

#6 Gargoyle Style Bat

This stone like bat has been probably inspired by the images of creepy stone gargoyles that can be often seen on the cathedrals which were performed in the Baroque. At a closer look you will see that the bat is made of stone and it is possible to notice a fine texture of marble. The final element of the tattoo is the ruby eyes of the night being that glisten on the overall background.

bat tattoos photo - 6

#7 He Will Suck the Blood from You

The bats have got a bad reputation of blood suckers and this tattoo is a perfect illustration of such an opinion. Just take a look at these razor sharp teeth. They are definitely able to cut through the flesh and drink some blood. The tattoo has a fine design that will be attractive for many people who are crazy about vampires. However, there is a single species of the bats in the world that feeds on blood.

bat tattoos photo - 7

#8 Sexy Bat Tattoo

When a beach season is on, it is always a good time for showing a stylish sexy tattoo that will accentuate you hardly touching the abs. The bat tattoo is probably the best solution for this case as it doesn’t require a lot skill from the master, but the seducing level of the tattoo would be really high. Check it out and you will see that it suits you well.

bat tattoos photo - 8

#9 Vampire Bat Collar

The person at this picture is definitely crazy about the bats as we can see here a lot of bat tattoo all over the body. However, there is a single tattoo that is totally different and catches a decent portion of attention. This is a tattoo of a vampire bat on the neck of the person. It has a close resemblance with a bow tie that looks really awesome. With such a cool tattoo you won’t stay unnoticed.

bat tattoos photo - 9

#10 Minimalistic Option for Bat Lovers

If you are passionate about bats and made a decision to get a bat tattoo, this variant is in a top of best bat tattoos. There is a popular trend in fashion to have a miniature tattoo as it adds some charming look to the user and does not involve a lot time to put it on skin. The arch of the bats along the collar would look especially graceful with an evening dress.

bat tattoos photo - 10

#11 The Bats Are Crawling on My Shoulders

The creatures that you can see at the man’s back are performed in an elegant gothic style that is so characteristic for the beasts of the dark. They are placed in a total chaos as if they are alive and crawling the back of yours in various direction. It looks like they are living in their cave and crawling the ceiling where they usually prefer to rest.

bat tattoos photo - 11

#12 Odd Pair of Bats

This one is a pair tattoo of bats which has got a slight similarity to the Chinese Ying and Yang symbol. The bats on the left foot are pitch black, while those beings that are on the right foot have got only a contour and are totally transparent. This is a fine tattoo that plays on a contrast and is a perfect acquisition to emphasize your brand new pair of shoes.

bat tattoos photo - 12

#13 The World Upside-down

The grim being that is hanging with its head down is a real lord of night. The tattoo is not an image of a creature of light. It is a scary hunter that seems to be sleeping, but in reality it is tracing the next victim. In fact, if we look more carefully at the picture we will see that there are also many other hunters that are waiting till the night will come.

bat tattoos photo - 13

#14 Tribal Bat on the Wrist

The tribal tattoos have become very popular among people. Moreover, the stylistic images of various animals that are composed of straight lines are of a great favor among tattoo lovers. Here we can observe a grotesque bat image that seems to embrace itself with dark wings. Although it looks rather gloomy it would be a fine asset to a style of some Goth person.

bat tattoos photo - 14

#15 A Bat Family

Another miniature tattoo shows us only two bats: one is bigger and another one is smaller. It seems that the bats are a cute little family of mother and child. This is a very simple tattoo that looks absolutely gorgeous and attractive for ladies. You won’t have to worry that it would be either painful or expensive. The miniature tattoos are real time savers.

bat tattoos photo - 15

#16 A Big Night Predator

See another tattoo that was performed in a very naturalistic manner. This is one of the most common bats that inhabit the European forests. The master of the tattoo decided to make the animal as close to reality as possible. All the muscles and expression of face are made with a great care. It seems that every second it can become alive and fly away from your skin.

bat tattoos photo - 16

#17 Nosferatu Face

The vampires have become a glamorous trend, but, in fact, the vampires are vicious evil beings that are longing for some blood. This tattoo demonstrates us a fine design of a classical Mexican evil entity that feeds on blood. It looks as if it was engraved onto the flesh in traditional colors with a fine structure and decent detalisation. This being cannot be called a glamorous one.

bat tattoos photo - 17

#18 Lady Bat

Those ladies who wish to get a stylish bat tattoo can consider making this fine arch of bats. It would look really awesome with any design. The image of lady bat or lady vampire is a really cool looking solution for a fair sex representative who wishes to look seducing on a date. The bat tattoos seem to occupy the prime positions in the chart of popular body drawing for a rather long time.

bat tattoos photo - 18

#19 A Demonized Bat

A real warrior of darkness is searching for a place on your back. If you think that the bats are just plain animals and they can’t look stylish, you will become amazed with this full body art with a demonized bat that stands with wide open wings, horns and muscular body. The flashes of lightning cast the light on the demonic beast that is ready for action.

bat tattoos photo - 19

#20 Full Moon Macabre

The bats are often connected with many myths about moon and night. This side tattoo is a fine demonstration of human perception of the night beings. It’s a dark and misty night and the herd of bats is hunting the prey under the misty rays of a full moon. The art is filled with mysticism and plays upon the people’s fears of darkness and monsters.

bat tattoos photo - 20

#21 They are Flying Away

There are many parts of the body on which the tattoos can be placed. Some people on the planet have managed to occupy 99% of their bodies with the works of tattoo art. If the very thought about it scares you, take a deep breath and relax. There are simple and easy practical solutions that will make you enjoy this art, like this tattoo with bats on the calf.

bat tattoos photo - 21

#22 Unexpected Skeleton

This creepy monster looks like a monstrous being from some horror movie. But, in fact, it is a plain skeleton of the bat. It proves once again that things, even the most familiar things, can become totally gore some and creepy, if they are presented in a different light. You won’t be happy to face such a monster while walking in the dark.

bat tattoos photo - 22

#23 Protecting Your Back

The thought that the bats are of dark colors is a correct one. But who prevents you from transforming the bat into something totally different and bright?! Yes, this bat is really bright and shining, but it’s not a positive being. Look at the ears and you will see the images of people who are looking with extreme fear at this wild ruler of the nights, who hunts in a total darkness.

bat tattoos photo - 23

#24 Pitch Black Silhouettes

See one of the simplest solutions of bat tattoos that would look equally fine with the representatives of both sexes. You can see a variety of night hunters’ silhouettes that inhabit your skin. The shadow technique looks really awesome with bats, but at the same time it is a real time saver as it can be done very quickly.

bat tattoos photo - 24

#25 Hanging on a Fruit Branch

This is really hard to call the cute being of this type a predator. It’s embracing itself with wings and is looking with big round eyes that are filled with affection. The being seems to have occupied a raspberry bush and has a peaceful slumber in a shadow during bright hot day. And when the night comes, it will be ready for the next night flight.

bat tattoos photo - 25

#26 Natural Ornamented Bat

Another example of tribal tattoo will become an excellent alternative for a previous option. It introduces a more feminine option that is decorated with flower patterns making it an excellent choice for some awesome body decoration that will amaze all people around you. It is quite a mini tattoo, but it won’t stay unnoticed due to its unusual manner of performance.

bat tattoos photo - 26

#27 Amorphous Bats

The sharp edged bats with a style like this would be also a fine acquisition for a fast stylish tattoo. This option introduces us cool pair of amorphous bats. The art was performed in a modern style and sometimes it might seem that they were drawn by means of simple gel ink pen. In fact, it is a real tattoo that will preserve brightness for a long time due to good quality of inks.

bat tattoos photo - 27

#28 Oriental Style Bat

The bats like these were probably inspired with samples of oriental art. There are bright colors of sakuras which immediately cause amazement and astonishment of the people who look at it. You will definitely like these pink shades and an overall design of the bat. It would be a stylish decoration of some fine young woman.

bat tattoos photo - 28

#29 Hunting the Prey

See the predator at work. Here we’ve got a fine art of a flying hunter that became frozen on the skin of the owner at the moment when it has just noticed a potential prey. We observe a perfect night hunter with the mighty wings which confront the gravity, giant ears to hear every movement of the victim and razor sharp teeth.

bat tattoos photo - 29

#30 With the Wings Open Wide

Another creepy animal has occupied the place on the back of a person. The wings are stretched apart and at some moment it may seem that the poor little creature has been pinned to the skin. It is somewhat similar to the pictures in some magical manuals where the wings of the bats are considered a valuable ingredient for making some potion.

bat tattoos photo - 30

#31 Comic Designed Bat Kid

The bats can be not only terrifying but funny as well. This cute comic style tattoo proves that idea perfectly. Just have a look at these huge ears and eyes. Judging from the position of feet and wings the bat seems to dance on the skin of the wearer. Don’t you want to come and embrace this cutie?

bat tattoos photo - 31

#32 Fifty Phases of Bat

The bats are perfect night hunters. They are able to orient in a total darkness by means of the sonar. The activity of bats strongly depends on the phases of the moon. This art offers us a perfect illustration of this. It is an animal that is ready to attack and above it there is a crown of moon phases that shines with a mysterious light.

bat tattoos photo - 32

#33 Ferocious Beast

This picture demonstrates a really angry beast that is very hungry. The designer preferred a special hyperbolized technique to enhance the most noticeable traits of the animal. The ears, mouth and teeth look really threatening. It seems to say that no one should touch the man or else the bat-guardian will bite the one.

bat tattoos photo - 33

#34 Evil Lord of Night

Here we have got a design of the bat that is not planning anything positive. It looks as if some sort of a magician who transformed into a bat and is planning something evil. Just take a closer look at the grin that seems to be stuck to the face of the being. Isn’t it creepy enough? A great deal of attention was given to the wings, the texture of which is really amazing.

bat tattoos photo - 34

#35 Just a Simple Option

Another sample of simple bat tattoos that would become a stylish accessory for both men and women is shown here. It is totally unnecessary to think out something unusual and extremely hard if you just want to have an experiment with body art. This art can be placed almost anywhere on the body and it will look stylish and attractive in any case.

bat tattoos photo - 35

#36 A Slight Bat Hint

The crossing of the lines creates a stylish bat design that would show people the combination of simplicity and style. The model is presented in a popular tribal style that has become very popular when it comes to drawing of effective tattoos that give us only a hint of the picture. However, we can still see the whole image by means of our own consciousness.

bat tattoos photo - 36

#37 The Night Blood Sucker

A typical Latin American picture of a vampire bat would be a fine alternative of cool bat inspired tattoo art. As you can see the dominant color of the tattoo is red as if to emphasize the source of food for them. All traits are specifically enlarged in a manner that speaks “You wouldn’t like to mess with me”. If you are not afraid of plenty of red colors in the tattoo, then this variant would be a good choice for your future body art.

bat tattoos photo - 37



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