3d tattoos

#1 Vision in the Mist

Just take a look at this wonderful full back tattoo. It depicts a woman in the thick mist. Her face can be hardly seen, even though it seems very sad and thoughtful as if she can’t stop thinking about something. This tattoo has a deeper sense: it reminds the owner about the woman of all his life who had passed away. The designer used brilliant game of shadows to make the picture look really amazing.

3d tattoos photo - 1
#2 Realistic Rough Stitch

Hopefully in our reality doctors don’t do such stitches. This one comes from the zombie apocalypse universe where people are not people anymore, but they are still fighting for existence. If you are the fan of zombie theme, you will definitely like this sample of body art. The stitch looks unbelievably realistic. It seems that the wire is connecting the edges of a real flesh.

3d tattoos photo - 2

#3 Taking off

It’s time to leave. This piece of art reminds us that everything in this life ends. Worm and cocoon live quite enough, although the life of butterfly is very short. It’s necessary to hurry up to enjoy this quick moment of happiness. Master performed this tattoo only in black color, but due to the game of light and shades it seems alive as if it will take off any moment.

3d tattoos photo - 3

#4 Crimson Reminder

This tattoo will be perfect for those who are crazy about autumn. During any season you will have a marvelous autumn souvenir on your shoulder as if you walked in the park and the last leaf fell from the tree and found the shelter on your back. The leaf is performed in a brilliant 3D technique: distinct contours, smooth transition from fiery orange to purple red, realistic shade etc. It seems that you can take this leaf as a real one.

3d tattoos photo - 4

#5 Grizzly Claw

Didn’t you see a giant grizzly running nearby? It left the paw print on the leg of the guy who was unlucky to occur there. It was not a usual grizzly, it was a mystical one as the mark left on the shin resembles those on the stone. Fortunately, the man was lucky enough to survive, but the memories of the meeting will be with him forever.

3d tattoos photo - 5

#6 Lady Frankenstein

Frankenstein story is not a fiction. Here is a confirmation. The female with a spine fixed with a help of the iron fixtures. All this is skillfully hidden behind the zipper in the skin. This is a true masterpiece of doctor Victor Frankenstein. This time the project is completely successful. No one will suspect this pretty woman in being not a human until sees her “secrets” on the back. A realistic tattoo indeed!

3d tattoos photo - 6

#7 Flower Eye

This body art introduces a fantastic magical flower. This is a personalized flower with an eye. The petals with a nice texture are placed all around the eyeball with a beautiful makeup. This eye belongs to the goddess who defends all the trees and flowers. It seems that the eye reflects all the flora on the Earth, although it’s crying as people hurt it.

3d tattoos photo - 7

#8 Gothic Ribbon

This is a marvelous tattoo ribbon performed in gothic style. The artist paid much attention to every tiny detail so that it looked fantastic. This tattoo will perfectly fit some representative of gothic or vampire subculture or even a lady in the elegant evening dress with the open back. It has such a powerful 3D effect that it’s hard to resist touching it.

3d tattoos photo - 8

#9 Black Hole

Have you ever seen black holes?! Here is one. It appeared on the hand of the person and opened the gates to another reality. Centimetre by centimetre it swallows up the person moving him to the parallel world.  It won’t be long till the entire body of the person will turn into the spiral and disappear. The designer achieved a splendid result by operating black and white stripes.

3d tattoos photo - 10

#10 Black Widow

This art sample shows us the black widow – one of the most dangerous spiders in the world: its bite can be lethal. Moreover, another peculiar characteristic about these creatures is that female individuals usually eat their partners after dating. Such a tattoo will come to liking of those women who are independent and self-confident. They won’t eat their partners, but can definitely get on their nerves.

3d tattoos photo - 11

#11  Fiery Butterfly

Long time ago there was an eternal fire. Ancient people worshipped it as the gift of Good Gods. However, one day Evil Gods extinguished the fire. A fire butterfly was born out of the last smoldering charcoal. Since that day the butterfly, born in fire, flies all over the world helping people to set on fire. Its wings are sparkling with hot, lava like, flames and very rarely it may have a rest near those people who have pure souls.

3d tattoos photo - 12

#12 Crawling on the Body

On this tattoo the designer depicted a small black spider slowly crawling on the body of the person. Some people are afraid of spiders, although other – like them as spiders are very wise and patient tiny predators who can wait for their prey near their webs for a long time. People appraise spider tattoos for their symbolic meaning: wisdom, patience and creativity. This art looks extremely realistic.

3d tattoos photo - 13

#13 Superhero Inside

There is a hero inside every person. Some don’t let it out, others – do. The man on this picture has really brave heart that is why he is slowly turning into the Spiderman – a super hero who helps people in need. The artist performed the tattoo in a very skilful manner: it looks like the skin is melting showing the true heroic entity of the person.

3d tattoos photo - 14

#14 Thorny Way

Life path is not an easy one: sometimes there are thorny impassable areas. However, it is necessary to remember that after a dark day there will be a bright one. Just don’t give up and don’t step aside from your way. This is the meaning of the tattoo that shows an entrance embraced with thorny wines and the ladders going up and enlightened with bright light.

3d tattoos photo - 15

#15 Mayan Style

This piece of art shows an ancient Mayan temple. Maya civilization was very well developed. Some of their inventions, like Mayan calendar, surprise people even nowadays. To get such a tattoo you need to find an extremely skilful master due to the high level of difficulty of this picture. However, the result will be worth all the efforts. All the people around will be admiring your splendid tattoo.

3d tattoos photo - 16

#16 Not so Angry Bird

If you are a cheerful person and like joking and bringing good mood to other people, then this tattoo will definitely fit you. Moreover, if you are a fan of cartoons or watched and liked “Angry Birds” movie – it’s a must have for you. The designer used bright merry colours in his masterpiece: blue and orange which make the picture even more positive. Bring some more fun to your life with this tattoo.

3d tattoos photo - 17

#17 The Snake Inside

Appearance can be deceiving. Not everything that is beautiful outside, same inside. This tattoo showed a little bit of the inner being of this woman. We can see that there is some scale. But whose scale is this? Scale of the mermaid or snake? It depends. The tattoo is very realistic with a strong 3D effect and it seems that you can take a piece of puzzle with your own hands.

3d tattoos photo - 18

#18 Burn It up

This is a simple pop art tattoo with a lighter depicted on it. In fact, there is nothing special in this image, but it was done with an exquisite skillfulness of the designer, where it seems that a real lighter is standing on the forearm ready for someone to take and lit a cigarette. Very often you can see people asking for some light and with this tattoo the light will be always at hand.

3d tattoos photo - 19

#19 Tough Guy

This marvellous piece of art shows us a black widow – a very dangerous spider whose females might eat their partners. The spider is sitting on the man’s shoulder, but it doesn’t look aggressive. It’s because the man tamed it. This guy is not afraid of dangerous women as he knows how to deal with them. The spider proves it. If you are such a man, then this will be an excellent tattoo for you.

3d tattoos photo - 20

#20 Evil Within

Once the seed of evil got inside this person and now it grew out of the skin. An evil plant is growing bigger and becoming more powerful. It seems that it stretches the hand like branches to capture the body of its owner. This art is very true to life: the colours are natural and all the branch pieces cast shadows. This tattoo will be a good body decoration for some brave and extravagant person.

3d tattoos photo - 21

#21 Inner Batman

The hero dwells inside every person, though sometimes a lot of efforts are needed for him to wake up. The heroism can be expressed in everyday simple actions and you don’t need to commit something outstanding or supernatural. You don’t have to catch some super villains as well. There is a knight in every person and one must be ready to grant it freedom when the time of need comes.

3d tattoos photo - 22

#22 Beneath Your Skin

Here is the snake that is crawling under the person’s skin like under the blanket. Or maybe it’s not a person, but only a human like suit of the snake. Long ago it was a human, but evil snake enslaved the body. Are you scared? The tattoo is very realistic. If you like to scare other people, then this piece of art is definitely what you need.

3d tattoos photo - 23

#23 Surviving the Monster

The monster is here, waiting for the victim to surrender and enjoy the meal. Look at the slaughtered flesh and perfectly even edges of the cut. This is definitely a terrifying beast with razor sharp claws. Fortunately, everything that was said before is a fantasy of a designer of a tattoo who followed the desire of a customer to have an unusual side tattoo. That’s true that 3D tattoos are among the best.

3d tattoos photo - 24

#24 Ancient Idol

The body art that is based on Mayan culture has something special and even mystical in it. Most of the designs that are preferred for drawing are the images that were found in the ancient temple remnants. They reflect gods’ lives and various rituals. This one looks like the hand has become a stone canvas for some composition from the mythology probably with Quetzalcoatl.

3d tattoos photo - 25

#25 Warrior Goddess

This piece of tattoo art shows a goddess who descended from the sky. She is dressed up in the cloudy white toga and has a middle length red hair. She is a warrior goddess as she taught people how to fight. A man with a stick in his hands proves it. If you deal with any martial arts or you are just a warrior inside, then this tattoo will be an excellent choice for you.

3d tattoos photo - 26

#26 Infinity

Many people might have read the works by Stephen King and even more have watched the movies based on the books of the horror king. There’s one story about a man who was slowly transforming into a portal through space and time. Probably, this was the source of inspiration for this image. The helix seems to be self-consuming and it opens the path to the unknown.

3d tattoos photo - 27

#27 It Can Bite

Be careful and don’t move as the spider is slowly crawling the foot of yours… Yes, that is definitely a realistic tattoo that will come to the taste of deadly predator lovers. The spiders are natural born killers and they have got a vast arsenal of skills to catch and eat their prey. Some of them are dangerous for people due to deadly poison. If you feel a relative soul inside these beings, go for this option.

3d tattoos photo - 28

#28 Golem of Flesh

A powerful wizard created a golem out of his flesh. The picture depicts the moment when the golem is given birth. It is weak and blind, but later on it will become a strong and pitiless servant for his master. The tattoo introduces us a skin that looks like a clay and is slowly covering with cracks releasing the being from the imprisonment inside the body of the creator.

3d tattoos photo - 29

#29 Lion Crest

The tattoo is performed in a very detailed manner. The shoulder depicts an old stone crest with a lion head on it. Lion tattoo usually means strength and courage. If you are eager to strengthen these traits, lion crest tattoo will be a good option for you. Such a tattoo will make any man look very brave and handsome as lion is the king of beasts.

3d tattoos photo - 30

#30 Eternal Eye

People wish to see the future and this mystical mechanism is capable of raising the veil of mystery of the future. This complex mechanism is integrated into the shoulder of the person and is operable with an infinite energy that is granted by the power of lightning. The eye is constantly moving inside the system reading through the never ending flow of time and space revealing the secrets of the unknown.

3d tattoos photo - 31

#31 Mayan Calendar

There is a Mayan calendar on this tattoo art. There are lots of small details that is why it looks very realistic. If you are the fan of ancient cultures, this tattoo sample will definitely fit you. However, you would need to find a very good tattoo master so he can draw this tattoo on your shoulder. The result will be worth all the time and efforts spent – you surely won’t stay unnoticed by other people.

3d tattoos photo - 32

#32 Book of Life

Every person has got a personal book of life that is sealed inside the human soul. It contains the potential and opportunities of a person that can be achieved through the life. Here the thin layer of flesh has cracked, releasing the secrets of the person. From now on he is capable to rewrite his book of life and create any future that he desires and then seal away the book back into the depth of his soul.

3d tattoos photo - 33

#33 Azure Beauty

This is a special magical butterfly that has flown to get some rest on your skin. Just take a look at the color of this little being. It is definitely not a simple butterfly but a magical one. The wings are glistening with sparkling stones like with diamond dust. Be sure that with every movement of wings it is capable to create a magical dust that will make all your wishes come true.

3d tattoos photo - 34

#34 Sexy Garter

Women are rarely wearing garters though it is a very sexual element of women toilet. There are many styles and designs that are available. In addition, it has got several meanings. One of the most important ones is the wish to meet the beloved man with whom the wearer will get married. The tattoo is an excellent option for charming ladies and it will look like a real deal on a sexy thigh.

3d tattoos photo - 35

#35 Celtic Cross

Here is a tattoo of a famous symbol of a mystical order of Rose and Cross or Rosicrucianism that originates from the ancient teaching of Hermetism. The rose symbolizes the eternal beauty that must be achieved by a human being and the cross means the balance that should be reached by the follower of the order. When the inner beauty is comprehended the person can make miracles.

3d tattoos photo - 36

#36 Scandinavian Style

Here’s the tattoo with the most popular Scandinavian God – Odin that is riding his eight legged stallion. The tattoo with a warrior god, god of knowledge and father of the gods – all in one single representative is an awesome inspiring tattoo that depicts a person who reaches out to perfection and constantly works on self-improvement in various aspects.

3d tattoos photo - 37



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